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  Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers following Geospatial / GIS Services:

  • Digital Mapping

  • Digital Photogrammetry

  • Utilities Mapping (AM/FM)

  • Digital Photogrammetry

  • Remote Sensing

  • Internet GIS

  • 3D GIS Modelling

  • Automated GIS Conversion

  • Location Based Solutions

Application Development

  We can develop custom GIS applications for various industry segments. These services are offered over the Internet, Wireless and Mobile platforms, across open, proprietary and industry standard development environments for a wide range of applications.
  Data Conversion: Cadastral/Parcel Mapping
  The utility of a parcel map is that it allows for easy identification of where a property is located relative to public ways and adjacent properties. For planners, assessors, and engineers it provides a construct to aid in the evaluation of proposed subdivision, compliance to local zoning, expansion of municipal utilities, and as a tool for managing the tax assessment process. A parcel map is perhaps the most convenient resource available to the public to determine the location and parcel identification number of a property.
  One of the important steps in creating digital parcel maps is conversion of traditional paper maps (or analog maps) into digital GIS data layers. Not only do the data have to be transferred into a digital form, but they also have to be vectorized so that GIS software would be able to distinguish between individual elements such as lines, points, and polygons. pipl provides comprehensive solutions in cadastral/parcel mapping in the following areas:
  Manual digitization from analog maps
  Scanning with “heads-up” digitizing or automatic vectorization
  Coordinate Geometry conversion (COGO)
  Positioning property corners with GPS
  Georeferencing using Ortho-photos, Toposheets, Ground Control Points
  Delivering output on Industry Standard formats
  Data Capture
  pipl offers the entire range of data capture services including Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
  * Utilities - Power, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Water and Waste Water
  * Geo Resources - Property and Real estate management, Environment & Natural resources management, Disaster management, Agriculture and Forestry, E-governance, Transportation and Mobile asset management


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