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Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers one stop solution for your Voice Over needs. We understand your specific requirement of tone, voice modulation and attitude for various needs.

We have a huge pool of professional voice over artists, talented Voice Over artists for you to choose from. For all our voice over services we have well equipped recording studios.

For services like commercial and promotional campaigns, Voice Over if done right can entice the customer to buy the product.

For IVR (Interactive voice response) we make sure that the voice does not sound robotic and distant to the consumer.

For Voice Over of PRAM services we understand the need for a relaxing and reassuring voice with an authority in tone while for e-learning and explainer videos learner needs to hear an affirmative tone.

Working with Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will give you a satisfaction no other Voice Over service can offer. Contact us here to get a free quote today.

Voice Over services are offered for but not limited to:

Benefits Of Working With Us

Superior Sound Quality
Ready to broadcast audio quality
Talented Voice Over artists
Fast turnaround
Rate Transparency
Sensitive to client deadlines

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