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We offer total IT solution as well as consultancy services in the field of Customized Software development, software product development, web solutions and Corporate Training.

  Development Areas:
  Database Applications
  API Applications
  Customized Software Solutions
  Web site designing and development
  VBA macros development for applications like AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, MS Excel, Word, Access
  Corporate Training
IT Consultancy
  Our skill set:
    Visual Basic, MS-Access, ASP, JavaScript, VBA (with ACAD / IntelliCAD / Micro Station / Excel / Word, Access), PHP-MySql, C, Flash, HTML.
VBA Development:

VBA is Visual basic embedded in any application supporting Visual Basic. Examples are Ms Word, MS Excel, MS Access, AutoCAD, IntelliCAD etc. They all support VBA. In all these applications VBA coding is called Macros.

Visual Basic for Application uses individual application's object library to directly access objects of the application so that it can easily manipulate them and utilized for.

An independent application can be developed which uses the object library of any application which support VBA. With this facility, one can develop VBA application.
AutoCAD based macros:
Fast Dimensioning Tool:
Speed up your dimensioning with this dimension tool. You can select either vertical or horizontal alignment of dimensions to arrange your dimension in a linear path.
Y Joint Parametric Macro:
Give parameters for Y-Joint and VBA macro will draw Y-joint drawing in a flash with given dimensions.
Tablet Tool drawing generation:
Developed for a tablet tool manufacturing unit where a tablet tool's designing parameters are inserted to get the 2D diagram of tablet tool.
We have developed around 100 different macros for different objects like Text, Blocks, Layers, Attributes, MS Excel interfacing, MS Access links, circles, arcs, poly lines etc. in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD.
Microsoft Word based macros:
Label and letter printing from Ms Access Database:

The database of all clients is stored in a database. When it is required to write letter in MS Word to some specific clients from a particular city with a particular criteria, this macro application filters out the data and creates a text file for letter printing. If the printing is halted in between, it can re-start from where it had last stopped.
Word Replacer:

When it is required to insert a text (or lines of text) in all word files in a particular directory where files are stored from a particular date to a particular date and files names starting from a particular character to particular character, this macro application inserts these lines of text in the documents. This is a typical requirement where a company like recruitment or placement consultant keeps receiving resumes from candidates in word format, then this application will insert placement consultant's name and address to selected documents.
Microsoft Excel based macros :
Drawing generation from Excel data :
The base data for drawing is stored in excel. Using Excel data objects in VBA and fetching each row of excel and reading specific columns by filtering data, the drawing is generated.
QC checker for Excel Data :
When there are thousands of rows in excel and one need to check the data for proper logic, this macros (once logic is prepared) can check these series of data to give you notifications where discrepancy is found and also change the data as per requirement in the logic to fully comply your data with required results.
Other Products / Solutions :
Quick Search : Enhanced Search Software to search within thousands of files in your system with AND and OR parameters using windows API. 2.Quick Search allows you to quickly search through thousands of files for files matching multiple parameters. Allows specification of multiple parameters with 'AND' or 'OR' conditions. User can copy found files to specific directory or can directly open the found file in MS Word. Software searches through all types of file for specified text like doc, xls, txt, rtf, html, zip etc. Shareware version allows maximum 200 files to be searched.
Footprint and Monitor Program to auto monitor pas files with parser logic program.
Automation of Electrical Drawing generation through VBA based Software which takes data from Excel and uses template attributes in AutoCAD to convert Excels rows to drawings.
AutoCAD / IntelliCAD based Symbol Manager and IntelliCAD based Layer Translator
Graphical HR Software which generates graphs based on questions to be filled by Employees for Company/Employee relationship Evaluation 
Weigh-bridge software with RS-232 connectivity to generate various weighing reports based on weight machine data for each vehicle on the weighing scale.
Drawing Management Software which uses drawing based parameters to easily search, view and modify drawings within a project.
Payroll Software (with Indian Income tax and Professional Tax)
Installer for Excel Spreadsheets with CD Key generation Tool
Idrop automization Portal to automize Idrop inability of dwg files.
Software to manage site info, finance with repair and feedback modules for construction company.
Invoice Software (Order, Sale, Invoice, Purchase and Stock Modules Included)
File distribution software for a data entry firm business
Milk collection process automation (Interfacing of weight machine and fat machine with software) 
Patient Medical record / Xray / Pathology Software
Placement Software for IT / General recruitment firms
Cost Schedule Project Management Software with Timesheet submission and  Admin Reports.
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