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10 Must-Watch Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles


→  Introduction

→  Rising Popularity of Turkish- English Subtitled Shows

→  Top 10 Latest Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles You Must Watch


Turkish shows have been gaining popularity all over the world. The production of these shows is skyrocketing and tv show enthusiasts are excited to watch these shows. It did not achieve this worldwide popularity instantly. Ever since the release of the first Turkish television drama in 1974, Turkish show creators and actors have been working tirelessly to achieve success and make a mark in the global entertainment industry. For example, “Erkenci Kus” also called “Daydreamer”  released in 2018, received massive recognition and love from fans all over the world. One of the main reasons for its widespread popularity was its availability in different countries and languages. Apart from Turkish-English subtitles, the drama was dubbed into multiple languages to make it more engaging and accessible.

Rising Popularity of Turkish- English Subtitled Shows

With a plethora of streaming platforms and social media, Turkish-language dramas are the fastest-growing series as they are easily accessible to audiences across the globe. While most of the Turkish dramas are dubbed in the target audience’s native languages, a huge set of the audience still prefers watching these dramas in Turkish-English subtitle translation as it helps in understanding Turkish culture, and traditions in the most authentic way and also captures the real emotion.

In this blog, we have curated a list of some of the highly anticipated Turkish shows, their themes, and why you should watch them. And the best part? The majority of these Turkish shows are streaming on YouTube and Dailymotion with English subtitles for free. So keep reading to find the best show for your next binge-watch!

Top 10 Latest Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles You Must Watch

10. Ada Masali
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Also known as Island Tales and Be my sunshine, Ada Masali is a Turkish rom-com about Hairan and Poyraz. Hairan is a businesswoman in the city and Poyraz is from a small town who is community focused and enjoys the little things in life. They are two opposite individuals, in an idle world they would never meet each other but their path intersects when they both arrive at the Swallow Island. Their first encounter starts with a little disagreement, though they don’t know what destiny has in store for them. The chemistry between both the characters is a treat to watch and keeps you entertained the whole time.
9. Heartbeat
Genre: Drama, Romance
In this show, we follow the story of Eylul a rebellious girl with whom the teacher of her school doesn’t want to deal. So, they expel her from the school and her father beats her. But everything changes when he takes her to his mother’s house in Marmaris. There she meets Ali Asaf, a surgeon from Istanbul who came to the countryside to be a teacher. Meeting him saves Eylul from the edge and makes her a successful surgeon. Then he leaves the town and years later they meet again as doctors. The story portrays the struggles Eylul faces as a surgeon and how a person like Ali Asaf can help you get through those struggles.
8. EGO
Genre: Drama, Crime
EGO dives into the story of the engaged couple Elif and Erhan who love each other and want to make a home together. The events in their lives take a downward trend when they realise the huge amount of debt that Erhan has taken. While things are not looking good for the couple they go on a business trip with Erahn’s boss Sibel. There Sibel makes an offer that has the potential to change their lives forever. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong with the couple but from a viewer’s point of view, it is exhilarating and compelling to watch.
7. Stolen Life
Genre: Crime, Drama
Asiye a girl from Istanbul, hates her life and everybody in it. Though things get over the boundaries when she discovers she is pregnant, she announces the news to her boyfriend and he threatens to leave her. In the heat of the moment, Asiye stabs her boyfriend and leaves her home with her sister. While hitchhiking they get into the car of Cetin, a rich and irresponsible man. Cetin and his girlfriend Selen are arguing and he accidentally pushes Selen off a cliff. Asiye has recorded the whole altercation and plans to threaten Cetin. Although the whole situation in the show is disastrous it is portrayed in a comical which can be a delight for the viewers.
6. Gulcemal
Genre: Drama, Crime
Gulcemal was a young boy when his mother abandoned him. This individual event shapes his life and he desires to get revenge on his mother for abandoning him and his brother. His life revolves around resentment and hatred towards his mother until he meets Deva. The only problem after meeting Deva is now they are both in danger. You can watch this tale of love and hatred on Dailymotion with English subtitles.
5. Adim Farah
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Adim Farah is a Turkish crime-drama series which follows the story of a 28-year-old Iranian woman Farah who lives in Istanbul. When Farah was 22 years old she was immigrating from Iran to France but she had to stop in Istanbul when she discovers she is pregnant. She begins working as a cleaner illegally in Istanbul to provide for herself and her son. But everything begins to tumble doe when she witnesses a murder and now the mafia wants to kill her. The stakes are high and Farah will do anything to protect her son. The gripping story of Farah is both beautiful and sometimes scary to watch.
4. Love 101
Genre: Comedy, Drama
When a group of teenagers in a high school are on the brink of getting expelled, their teacher Ms Burcu believes in them and saves them from expulsion. Although when they hear about the instant relocation of their teacher the group comes together and creates an idea to prevent their teacher from going away. They plan to make their teacher fall in love with the new sports teacher, so she can stay in the school. The show delves into the depths of a teenager’s mind and never forgets to entertain the audience. It has all the qualities for a great evening comedy, teenage drama and love. You can watch the show with English subtitles on Netflix.
3. Last Summer
Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller
8 years ago public prosecutor Selim sends Selcuk an organized crime gang leader to prison. After 8 years in jail, Selcuk makes an offer to Selim that he can’t refuse. Selcuk will testify in the trial which can bring down the whole criminal organization, the only thing he wants is to protect his son Akgun. Akgun has grown into a criminal world, so it is hard for him to accept. Due to this the life of the three characters is disrupted professionally and personally. The show is just one breakthrough after another and the phenomenal acting of all the characters ties us to the show.
2. Marasli
Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller
Marasli is a retired soldier, who has started to run a bookstore. Life changes drastically for him when his daughter gets shot. One afternoon, Mahur enters his bookstore and she gets into some trouble. Marasli helps her to get out of the situation and after that, their fates are tangled with each other. The action in this show is truly exceptional and the striking chemistry between Marasli and Mahur plays out well in the whole show and makes you care about the characters.
1. Game of Silence
Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama
Game of Silence is considered the best Turkish series, the show starts with four young boys in a district in Istanbul making a childish mistake. However, they promise each other to never tell a soul about what happened. Twenty years later, one of their friends goes to jail for killing a man and they know why their friend did it. Although, everything changes when they discover that their friend has been killed in jail. Then, the remaining three friends decide to take revenge on the person who killed their friend but for that, they might have to dig through their tragic past. The show keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and will blow your mind with the twist and turns.

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Voice Over

Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice-Over!


→  Introduction

→  What is an AI voice-over?

→  Advantages of Using AI Voice-Over

→  Why Should Businesses Use AI Voice-Over?

→  Final Thoughts


With the rising popularity of foreign content and the expansion of online streaming platforms, the need for high-quality professional dubbing is on the rise. From brands and businesses to content creators, everyone is seeking localization to enhance user experience, gain a competitive edge and strengthen their global reach. Dubbing ensures that the audience can enjoy their favourite movies and shows in their native language, making it an essential tool for the media and entertainment industry to increase their viewership. According to the latest data, the film dubbing market is estimated to reach USD 3.6 million by 2027. 

With the advancements in technology and the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the professional audio dubbing industry is prospering to new heights as it brings a promising opportunity and significant growth. Let us delve deeper into how businesses can leverage this trend for their benefit and explore the future of professional dubbing.

What is an AI voice-over?

Have you ever heard of a computer-generated voice on your phone or a smart speaker? That’s an example of an AI voice-over. Automated text-to-speech voice-overs are generated by using complex algorithms and machine learning to create realistic-sounding voice recordings. These voices can also be customized to fit different languages, accents, and tones. This next-gen technology is being used in a variety of industries, from marketing and advertising to customer service and translation.

The use of AI voice-over has increased vehemently as it is faster, affordable and time-saving as compared to human voice-overs. However, AI comes with its own limitations like lack of emotional connection, storytelling, and understanding of cultural differences like that of human voice-over artists. But with recent technological advancements, AI voiceover not only sounds natural and human-like but also comes in diverse options like different voices, dialects, accents, and emotions and that too in multiple languages. It can produce recordings where it is difficult to distinguish between the human voice and the AI voice.

Advantages of Using AI Voice-Over

AI voice-overs offer numerous benefits including cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced customer experience and a lot more. Let us see the major advantages of using AI technology for VO:

1. Better Customer Experience

Today, AI text-to-speech voices are used widely in customer services for their ability to perform specific tasks in a shorter span of time. It doesn’t have time constraints and is available 24/7 to resolve basic queries and provide solutions. It can also help the employees to lessen their workload and focus on complex tasks to increase productivity.

2. Flexibility

The AI offers multiple features to choose from like selecting the language, tone and dialect of the voice-over as per your needs. The Automated voice-overs are adaptable and can be customized in the way you want them. It also allows you to edit and alter the voice so that you can get error-free results. You can select from a huge variety of voices which resonates with your brand and can effectively communicate the message.

3. Time-Saving

Hiring a voice actor, setting up a studio and recording the voiceover is a time-consuming process. The only requirement to produce AI voiceovers is a trustable and adequate voice-over service provider. AI voice-over software can instantly convert text to speech in multiple languages and requires no additional setup.

4. Translation and Localization

Using Artificial Intelligence for voice-overs can help produce recordings in multiple global and local languages. Localization of voice-over means transforming the language of the voice-over to make it adaptable to a specific locale or geographical area. Localizing the voice-over is helpful for a business as it can widen the customer base, capture the untapped market and give a competitive advantage. It also earns the trust of the locals as they get a sense of familiarity from the content.

5. Cost-efficient

AI voice-overs are substantially more affordable than human voice-overs as it saves money and resources. The VO produced by human artists requires a studio set-up with various pieces of equipment. With AI-based software, you can produce multiple voices over in multiple languages at very convenient prices.

Why Should Businesses Use AI Voice-Over?

Automated Customer Service

AI voice-over technology is widely used to create automated voice assistants for customer service. For example, the voice you hear at the beginning of a customer care call are all generated by AI.  Businesses can use AI voice assistants to handle customer queries, provide information, and offer assistance, freeing up customer service representatives for more complex issues. According to a report by Deloitte, about 30 per cent of all customer care calls will be conducted by AI voices by 2030.


AI voiceovers can be used in advertisements like TV commercials, radio, video ads etc. The technology can help businesses create natural-sounding voice-overs quickly and efficiently, allowing them to create more content and reach a wider audience. Many big companies like Amazon, Coca-cola and Mastercard have adopted the use of AI voiceovers in their advertisements.

Global Reach

Many businesses translate their content into different languages to make it available to a wide range of people. The translation of your content can make the content available to people outside the existing geographical boundaries. The translations are also cheaper than human translation services and can deliver the content immediately.

Awareness and Training

AI voiceovers are now widely used in the e-learning industry for their easy accessibility and efficient results. Corporations are also using AI voiceovers for their video tutorial, training videos, presentations etc. The AI voices also make the content clear and engaging which is why it is a popular choice for businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, having a social media presence is essential for every business. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram are great mediums to advertise and market their product and services.  Among these, there’s an increase in demand for audio-visual content and AI voice-over. With AI-automated voice recordings, brands can generate high-quality content in multiple languages to reach global audiences at a very affordable cost. Using VO can also help brands increase their reach on digital platforms and boost search engine optimization.

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Final Thoughts

Automated voice-over and AI dubbing service providers are changing the media industry drastically. They are providing services cheaper, more accessible and faster than ever. This software is getting more sophisticated every day and aiding businesses in creating content. Even though the use of Automated voice-over services is increasing rapidly, it hasn’t fully etched its foot on the mainstream market. That’s why, this is possibly the best time to adopt this new technology to become one step ahead of the market and your competitors.

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