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Why Are Transcription Services So Valuable?

Transcription services enable the conversion of voice to text. Typically, digital audio files are the most used way, but video to text has grown increasingly prevalent in recent years. Legal, public relations, financial services, and healthcare sectors are progressively using transcribing services for their initiatives.

Why should you utilize transcription services ?

Transcription is a procedure that needs an extensive range of abilities, such as concentration and attention to detail. Therefore, when firms seek transcriptionists, they must opt for a reputable source that is not only well-trained but also equipped with the necessary instruments and has expertise in this industry. Globally, the need for transcription services is increasing at a consistent rate across sectors.

Many people are unaware of the advantages of transcribing services unless they often work with audio and video recordings. Undoubtedly, an audio recording is useful, but you may not hear everyone’s contribution.

Advantages of transcribing companies:

  • Advantage One – Experience

The ordinary person may believe that transcribing is just writing down what is on a tape, but the process is far more complex than that. For instance, suppose you must transcribe a scientist’s interview for an academic researcher. There is a good probability that the scientist may use scientific terms that you have never heard before. However, if you choose an unprofessional service or simply a random individual, this statement may be misspelled or entirely incorrect! Not recommended!

Their transcribing specialists have spent years honing the craft. We have expertise in several fields, including legal, medical, and academic. When you hire transcription for your project, you can be certain that you’ll be working with someone familiar with your business and its terminology.

  • Second Advantage: Time Savings

Did you know a 15-minute recording might take up to an hour to transcribe? It is so! This is for an expert. For someone who does not transcribe for a job, the wait time might be higher. And if your tape contains muted speakers, background noise, or a speaker with a strong accent, more time is required to ensure the accuracy of the transcription.

Therefore, an expert transcriptionist is required to complete the assignment. Only a professional is capable of efficiently working through poor audio and producing the highest quality transcription.

  • Third Advantage – Preservation

Sometimes it is necessary to maintain a backup. A recording may be deleted with a single button press. Videos are removable from existence. Once the recording is deleted, it may be difficult or impossible to retrieve it.

Because of this, having a transcript of the tape may be lifesaving. You never know when you may need that bit of knowledge again!

  • Fourth Advantage – Accuracy

Accurate transcribing might require time and patience, qualities that many individuals lack nowadays. Furthermore, if there are problems with the recording, it might be difficult to get an exact transcript. Incorrect words and phrases might readily be included in a transcript, causing complications in the future.

That is why you need someone who does it often. Their specialists have the expertise and abilities necessary for accurate and rapid transcription.

  • Fifth Advantage: Cost Reduction

Hiring a professional transcribing service might save you money in the long run. Typically, transcribing tasks are assigned to administrative professionals. The majority of the time, these specialists have too much on their plate to be as precise as possible. This necessitates employing an in-house transcriptionist, which will incur additional expenditures for your business.

By outsourcing your best transcription services, however, you can save money on recruiting and training expenses and get peace of mind knowing that your transcript is in the hands of competent professionals.


Key Considerations: Which Translation Agency To Choose

As the importance of translation and localization grows, there are more translation companies than ever before. When selecting a translation company, ensure that you can rely on the translator to complete your project accurately, on schedule, and according to your demands. Concerns over brand consistency, large or sensitive projects, and expertise are all acceptable justifications. Selecting the ideal translation for yourself and your organization might be difficult. Here are some of the most crucial tips for selecting the best translation company. 

How to choose the top translation service provider?

  1. Confirm that the translation company can localize

 To be successful, a translation company must comprehend its target market and be able to both translate and localize content. Your translated content may not reach its target market without localization. For example, Brazilian Portuguese audiences need a different message than European Portuguese audiences. Utilizing a service that employs local translators from your target demographic is essential to your success.

  1. A system of quality assurance is required.

You wouldn’t entrust your translations to just anybody, which is why you’re searching for a professional. Employing a qualified translator is insufficient. Translators are human beings who make mistakes. To be honest, MT is not ideal, especially when it comes to human-sounding translations and localizing information. Therefore, you should choose a service that employs qualified editors and has review procedures in place to ensure the quality of the translated content.

  1. 24/7 client support in any language 

Customer service is an additional important measure of professionalism. If a company is available at all times, you can rely on them to handle any unforeseen issues. Contact a possible translation company through email, phone, or chat to assess their response time and the quality of their service. The method in which they answer your first inquiry is indicative of their customer service.

A translation company must also comprehend the significance of connecting with customers in their local tongue. If the company you’re considering provides multilingual support, it’s a good sign that its translation and localization services are of high quality. BLEND, for instance, uses Zendesk to enable our support staff to respond to customers in any language with the assistance of our MT team. 

  1. It must include industry and subject matter knowledge. 

Clearly, translators have a comprehensive understanding of the world and a natural grasp of the language and culture they are translating into. There are professional translators accessible for the finance, medical, marketing, and technological fields. These experts ensure that your content is translated accurately and retains the same level of professionalism as the original. Check the company’s website or initiate a project to see whether they have the required translators. A competent translation company will have a crew that can handle any topic matter. 

  1. Both your translation agency and its translators must be licensed. 

The translation is not as easy as it may seem. The higher levels need certain skills, coursework, and qualifications. Not to mention years of experience interpreting diverse subject matter. Certified experts in the languages and areas of competence provided by the translation organization. Before assigning client assignments to translators, you should learn how a company vets its translators and what certification or testing they need.

On the translation agency’s website, there should be links to its certifications. Consider a company’s ISO 9001, 17100, or 27001 certification, which verifies that it provides high-quality translation services and secures your data.

The translation services can guarantee that you are correctly understood and do not disrespect the target culture. This will guarantee that you are working with trustworthy interpreters who will save you money and time.

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