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How To Select The Best Translation Agency?

With the growing acceptance and importance of translation and localization, there are many more lsp language service provider available than ever before, making it very difficult which one to choose. When choosing your translation agency, you should be able to trust your translator to complete your project precisely, within a stipulated time, and in line with your needs. There are so many worries that come across your mind, like brand consistency, which may have large or small sensitive projects or particular expertise. It may feel very overwhelming with all the options available to choose the best translation agency that suits you and your company. Here’s a list of crucial tips for choosing the best translation agency.

Tips for choosing the best translation agency 

  • Ensuring that the translation agency can also do localization

For your translation agency to be successful, they need to understand the target market and should not only be able to translate but also localize content. If there is no localization, the translated material might not understand the message across the target market.

  • Ensuring the translation agency has a quality assurance process

You can’t trust anyone to manage your translations, which is why it is very important to choose top language service providers in the first place. On the other hand, a translation agency may give an option to use MT (Machine Translation), and of course, there is a possibility of machines making mistakes just like humans, especially when localizing the content.

  • You should be able to reach out to customer support 24×7 in any language 

Another vital sign of professionalism in a translation agency is to observe its customer service. If an agency is available to you at all hours, you can rely on them to handle any issues that may arise. Try connecting with the agency via email, phone, or chat and see how much time they take to revert and how content you are with their service.

  • A translation agency should have industry and subject matter experts 

Translators do have a lot of common knowledge of the world and a basic level of understanding of the language and the culture that they are translating for. A good translation company will have experts in specific fields like medical, finance, technical, or marketing. These experts make sure that your content has proper terminology for the target audience so that your content sounds professional as it did in the original language.

  • Translation agencies and translators should have proper certifications

While it may not seem so difficult but in reality, translation agencies are far from easy. It requires many skills, courses, and certificates to reach high levels. Not to forget a whole load of experience with translating different subjects. Many translation companies like Parikh Info have a team of certified experts in the languages and specializations they offer. They are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 certified, which ensure that your data is secured and the agency will keep your information safe.

  • Check how fast the agency can complete your translation

Other than quality, the other most vital factor you must pay attention to is how fast your translation agency can finish your work. Whether it is a deadline that needs to be met or you simply don’t have the patience to wait for your translation, find a translation agency that does your job quickly and efficiently.


Now since we have gone through all the crucial points to keep in mind while choosing a translation agency, select an agency for which you can put a tick across all these points and meet your requirements.


Why does your business need a professional language service provider?

An organization that provides language-related services is known as a language service provider (LSP). An LSP can be an organization, a business, or a person who provides one or more language services.

What services does a language provider provide?

Not every provider of language services offers the same language services. The majority of LSPs have a narrow focus and frequently offer services for the quality control of those jobs.

The key language services are listed below in brief:

Evaluation of the translated section, training in the use of CAT tools, translation, localization, transcreation, proofreading, revision, and evaluation

Copywriting, Copy Editing, Transcription, Language Training, and Interpreting when all of these components are taken into account, which many full-service LSPs do, the LSP industry becomes a highly developed project management industry.

A full-service LSP might be your best choice if a project has complicated formatting, is multilingual, contains specialized content like software code or technical documentation, or all of the above. An LSP frequently oversees the structure of training courses and audio recordings in foreign languages. This calls for having access to a pool of suppliers, which may include native speakers with specialized knowledge of the subject topic.

LSPs are important sources for the world economy. Both the size of the enterprises and the range of services offered differ greatly. They may be tiny businesses that focus on a specific language or field or multinational entities that provide services to other global huge corporations. Finding the right fit for your specific volume, speciality, and target languages is crucial. Larger LSPs can manage vast volumes of content in numerous languages, whilst smaller LSPs may provide more personalized service.

A broader definition of the LSP ecosystems includes tech and software firms that provide goods or services that are closely related to the language service sector. This results from the fact that new translation management systems, computer-assisted translation tools, machine translation software, artificial intelligence (AI), and Turn-key solutions are increasingly evolving from CAT tools.

What benefits may you expect from cooperating with an LSP?

The LSP will handle projects expertly and to the highest standards, depending on the language services offered. This indicates that the LSP is proactive in offering all pertinent facts and information. Additionally, it means that internal processes that could delay a project’s completion or negatively affect its timeline are open and accessible.

The LSP in question will candidly explain challenges that have arisen with comparable projects in the past and offer a variety of doable actions to avert or resolve future problems. The sector faces a problem in providing language services in an era where new technologies are developed on a regular basis.

A language-driven needs partner may develop into a steadfast ally. making sure this ally is up to speed with current innovations and priorities staff skill development and education. The ideal LSP always implements procedures that allow for increased productivity and better time management without sacrificing the Calibre of the output.


5 reasons you need a video subtitles provider in India

When video content reaches the largest possible audience, it is most effective. If you don’t invest monetarily in subtitles and their translation, you’re losing out on marketing prospects.

Video marketing is here to stay and has been expanding quickly.

By 2021, 86% of companies will utilise video as a marketing tool, up from 61% in 2016.

There is no denying the popularity of video marketing, therefore if you solely use conventional text-based web content, you are missing out on growth prospects.

Why is using a video subtitle provider important?

An original video in a source language is translated into video subtitles by adding written text in a target language.

The audio of a video, for instance, needs to be transcribed if it was made in English but you wish to use it in French. The subtitles translation text is then included in the video so that viewers who speak the second language may read it.

5 reasons you need a video subtitles provider:-

Subtitling is a crucial component of your marketing video content creation and distribution strategy.

You need subtitles that are accurate representations of the original text while also being appropriately localized for the intended audience. That results in a fantastic viewing experience, which is always the main objective.

1. Optimize for a global audience

Subtitling is a crucial component of your marketing video content creation and distribution strategy.

You need subtitles that are accurate representations of the original text while also being appropriately localized for the intended audience. That results in a fantastic viewing experience, which is always the main objective.

2. Improves the reach of your SEO

A significant component of the world of internet marketing and commerce is search engine optimization. You are actually taking the necessary efforts to broaden the reach of your SEO by having your videos professionally subtitled in a variety of languages. This is due to the fact that subtitled text is one of the numerous aspects of a webpage that search engines examine when determining the best content for any given keyword.

3. Boosts views on your videos

The benefit of subtitles goes beyond expanding the audience for videos. You can add more words to the video content by subtitling. In order to improve the content’s search engine optimization, your chosen professional language service provider, or let’s say subtitling firm, makes use of the opportunity. Subtitles enable search engines to recognise your movie in this way, increasing the number of viewers you may draw in.

4. Reflects the quality of your business

Your business may suffer as a result of poor subtitles. The calibre of the services your business provides to customers should be highlighted in your video material. You can be sure that your material is presented in a professional manner regardless of language by working with a professional solution that specializes in business subtitling for multinational corporations.

5. Puts a different effect on each viewer making the content more understandable

It’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time when creating subtitles for your video content. This implies that you must clearly understand the purpose of your video and the demographics of your intended audience before you begin the actual process of making subtitles. The more thoroughly a subtitler comprehends the film and the overall plan, the more precise and understandable the final product will be.

The value of video subtitling extends beyond merely providing entertainment; they can significantly increase sales. Additionally, it is crucial for educational purposes and the growth of your business. Similar subtitle solutions ensure that your video will be successful by spreading its message to as many people as possible.

Consistency and experience are key factors to consider when hiring a company to provide professional subtitling solutions. For more than 15 years, Parikh Info Solutions has provided companies like yours with the best calibre translation services.


8 Purposes One Should Engage into Professional Transcription Services

Many publications like finance, medicine, media, and universities require professional transcription services while researching content for analytical purposes. Many companies have in-house professional transcriptors for translating legal documents, but many companies do have this service available as it requires too much care and precision.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional transcription company:

•  Accuracy in translation

You might save a lot of money by trying to do the transcription yourself, and getting the transcription done accurately is challenging. The main reason for this difficulty is keeping up with different kinds of audio. This is the reason why professional transcriptors are the better choice, as they can do transcriptions accurately.

•  Coverage of different types of Transcriptions

Renting transcription services is mandatory as it allows you to transcribe several documents, including audios in grouped settings and individual settings and vocal notes. This combination will not allow better quality output compared to amateurs but also ensures that the coverage carried out is accurate. The professional service also provides an eye for detail which is necessary.

•  Saves cost 

To have premium transcription, it is vital to have the required hardware and software to transcribe the document. Setting up hardware and software is very challenging and heavy on your pockets. Outsourcing the project protects you from bearing the cost and ensures that the company can handle your task correctly with pre-existing equipment.

•   Meeting the deadlines

Transcription companies ensure that they meet your deadline by having many people work on your project simultaneously. This essential aspect allows you to have high-quality output without any delay in deliveries. 

•   Professional Equipment

For your recordings to be understandable, it is vital to have the right quality equipment. Otherwise, your audios may not be audible and have a lot of disturbance, leading to difficulty deciphering the words when you hear the recordings later. Thus, it is also advised to use good-quality recording equipment, if not the best.

•  Cost efficient 

If you opt for transcription services, the cost may differ for different work. Usually, the price depends on the complexity and length of a session, although it is better to pay in terms of minutes.

•  Understanding and competence 

The top transcription companies‘ credibility is significant in cases where the transcription also requires interpretation of the jargon of a subculture or specific industry like business license translation.

•  Ethical standards

When you hire professional transcriptors, they give you a document that encompasses their ethical standards so you can cross-check if there is any overlapping of ethical standards between them and yours. This ethical standard helps you keep your work confidential.


For an error-free transcription, the transcriber needs to have a thorough understanding of the different native accents. When you hire a professional transcriptionist like Parikh Info, you are confident that the company employs several other native speakers to note down the variations in accents and jargon.

Voice Over

Multiple Merits Of Using A Voice Over Service

New technology has given businesses several opportunities to sell their goods and services. Digital video has established itself as a very effective marketing tool in the online world. However, a fresh option that shows a lot of promise is intriguing. This option gives you the professional voice over to go along with all your audio marketing creativity, such as TV ads, and promotional videos on social media websites or YouTube. While handling the VOS you need to work with or use your present team, many firms choose to allow qualified VOS experts to do this crucial task in their place. 

On time service

Voice over service professionals are the talented ones who understand the demands of the clients, accordingly the service provided to them. Many people think that VOS providers can be me or you or someone else who can speak. But no, they are the professionals who have acquired knowledge about the way and timing for specific delivery of the messages. The different scenario requires different adaptability in the voice, be it entertainment or delivering news, or any promotional ads.

Authority and trust

When it comes to branding or loyalty, the trust factor matters a lot. The brand image is created in the mindset of the customers only as a matter of authority and trust. With the right delivery of the mission of the company with its promotional and advertisements, the company can capture or persuade the customers. The skills of VOS and the quality of the messages help to gain market share. Recruiting experts with VOS talent helps you to focus on other activities, leaving behind marketing plans.

Improve ROI

A fantastic experience is ensured and familiarity is increased, increasing the likelihood that people will stay and focus on the message. Videos with explanations are the most well-known type, and they provide insights about your organization and your goods and services while also telling a tale. Whether your good is complex or just simple, instructional videos can communicate your message in a more effective manner than a website or blog because they will keep the viewer’s interest for a longer period.


If you recruit highly skilled experts, your chances of receiving your VOS inside the specified timeline increases. A skilled VOS is an expert who only needs just a few takes, in contrast to someone who knows few points or is new to the industry. After years of vocal use, VOS experts can handle the task easily.

Increases the value of the enterprise

Branding is important when it comes to business growth. Professionals are also aware of the need to apply the right VOS techniques to produce accurate work. You’ll surely save money if you can save time because shorter recording times mean shorter costs. No matter how well your product must be, the message and the way of delivering is the factor that helps you either gain or lose.

Message exchange with targeted customers around the globe requires the use of VOS.  Different VOS professionals may be employed, depending on the source video. VO provided by a reputable firm offers definite advantages over other approaches, regardless of the method that is employed.


How can an individual add captions or subtitles to a video

To be aware of the pace of the scenes and how naturally the subtitles ought to be positioned beside them, the subtitles service provider helps you in that.  To guarantee modern software, flawless time synchronization, and motion graphics in a video subtitling services provider provides the same. For all multimedia genres, a quick and clever solution. For movies, TV shows, web series, marketing videos, e-learning, and stage performances, one of the most diverse language resources is all the sweet tongues. Several companies are ready to provide subtitles for all your material, the best-localized subtitling service is a consideration for regional nuances.

Customized services 

We the Parikh Info Solutions Pvt ltd. provides total customization in addition to the top-notch subtitling services in India. The desired fonts, color, size, opacity, and a plethora of customization options are yours to select from. For a thorough examination and complete openness on our part, we will email you the files at each stage of the procedure for you to review and evaluate. We offer our subtitle translation in a variety of forms to help the industry. Your company will find it simple to choose the ideal format.

Variety of content

Parikh Info Solutions Pvt ltd. subtitling services are available for a variety of video content types, including movies, TV shows, webinars, e-learning courses, marketing videos, explainer videos, and much more. No matter the project type, the staff can provide a professional subtitles translation that is tailored to your needs and will help you reach a wider audience and accurately deliver your message.

Audience engagement

Better user experience and user engagement are offered by online videos with subtitles. Subtitles can be a literal blessing for viewers when watching a film in a noisy area. By providing dialogue during the films, our video subtitling services will keep the audience engaged. Our staff makes sure to offer our customers premium subtitling services in India at reasonable pricing, with a quick turnaround, and with the least amount of hassle possible.

You may attract viewers’ attention and reach a larger audience by using video subtitling. You can connect with viewers in their local language by using subtitling providers. There is a growing need for audio visual content, as seen by the current social media trend. Brands may benefit from its assistance in marketing and promoting their goods and services to a wider audience.

Language efficiency

Approximately 91% of the audience prefers subtitles, according to the research. The audience may have trouble understanding dialogue when it is spoken quickly or in a variety of dialects. In these cases, subtitle translation aids in information clarification for the audience. We provide closed captions and video subtitles through our devoted team of native language specialists. We guarantee to provide high-caliber and affordable video subtitling services.

Your videos can now easily have captions and subtitles added. While adding a new stage to the video production process may be unfamiliar to you, captions open up your movies to a wider audience, improve your return on investment, and encourage more people to start viewing them. Making ensuring your audience can easily access your excellent material is quite straightforward, whether you do it yourself before exporting, hiring a service, or utilizing an auto-transcription program. Better choose Parikh Info Solutions Pvt ltd.

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