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Game Localization–The Quickest Way to Reach Global Gamers!


→  Introduction

→  What is Localization in a Game?

→  How To Benefit from Game Localization?

→  Final Thoughts


Over the years, the gaming industry has witnessed exponential growth, and mobile gaming, in particular, has become a global phenomenon. People from different countries and cultures are embracing video gaming, and this has opened up a pool of opportunities for game developers. Apart from popularity, one of the major reasons for its success is localization. Video game localization has created a stir in the global gaming market. It is a boom for gamers across the world as it offers them an immersive experience and helps developers tap into new revenue streams and expand their business.

If you’re wondering how localization can have such a huge impact, keep scrolling as we will dive deep into the importance of game localization in global success.

What is Localization in a Game?

Game localization, also known as internationalization (i18n), involves the process of adapting and customizing a game to make it resonate with the target audience of different countries and regions. Localization in a game goes beyond simply translating the text from one language to another. To make a game culturally and linguistically suitable, the localization transforms different elements of the game such as text, dialogues, audio, graphics, user interfaces, instructions, and even gameplay mechanics. This ensures that the game is easily accessible and appealing to the target audience. It provides video gamers with an opportunity to play their favourite game in their native language.

While some game or mobile applications may only require basic localization involving text translation, many others demand a more comprehensive approach. When entering a completely new market or region, it is crucial to acknowledge and incorporate cultural differences in the localization process. This may include altering character names, removal of certain symbols, transcreation and many other elements. That’s why by investing in game localization services, one can ensure that their game can be enjoyed by players across the globe without worrying about language or cultural differences. They will transform your game to create a more inclusive and engaging experience, leading to increased player satisfaction, wider reach, and ultimately, greater success for your business.

How To Benefit from Game Localization?

Localization is an investment that can significantly benefit your game or application in the long run. It offers numerous advantages that can help you expand and build a solid fan base of gamers around the world. Discover some incredible benefits of localizing your game:

● Wider Accessibility and Global Exposure

The widespread availability of smartphones and high-speed internet has made gaming more accessible than ever. Mobile or video game localization can also help you expand into bigger markets that are experiencing rapid growth in the gaming industry. Countries like China, South Korea, India, Brazil and various Southeast Asian nations have witnessed tremendous growth in the number of gamers and increased spending on gaming. If you localize your game for these markets, you will get an opportunity to reach millions of potential players who are actively seeking new gaming experiences. This will expand your player base, generate more revenue, and establish a solid presence in the global market.

● Strengthened Trust and Credibility

When you localize a game according to target audience preferences, you gain more loyalty and trustworthiness. By making the game more inclusive and tailored to specific regions, you can establish credibility and foster a stronger connection with gamers. Mobile game localization also ensures that it aligns with the cultural norms and expectations of your target audience. This prevents any potential misunderstandings, avoids offensive content, and demonstrates respect for different cultures. It helps create a positive image for your game and brand.

● Increased Revenue Opportunites

Localization offers huge revenue opportunities for every industry. It enables businesses to enter new markets and gain monetary success. For example, you are from the USA and your game is a hit in local markets. If you localize your game in Chinese or any other language, you are tapping into a market with the majority of gamers, which will double up your revenue. Localized games have a higher chance of success in international markets, which can result in increased sales and profits.

● Enhanced User Experience

Localization enhances players’ gaming experience as when you adapt your game to different languages and cultures, you offer a more personalised and immersive experience. Players will feel more connected to the game and characters when they can understand the dialogues, humour and interface in their native language. This improves user satisfaction, increases engagement and encourages them to keep playing.
Video Game Localization

● Increased Downloads and Ratings

As the popularity of mobile gaming continues to soar, mobile app localization plays a crucial role in driving downloads. When players start enjoying your game, it can result in higher ratings and increased downloads as they will recommend their friends to join them. This organic word-of-mouth promotion fuels a surge in players, ultimately boosting your game’s brand recognition and reputation.

● Competitive Edge

Game localization can give you a competitive advantage in the market. When you localize your game, you stand out among competitors who haven’t taken that step. Players are more likely to choose a game that is available in their language over one that isn’t. Localization can help you differentiate your game and attract more users, giving you an advantage over your rivals.

Final Thoughts

In today’s globalized world, players are seeking immersive experiences that resonate with their cultural backgrounds. When you localize your game, you go beyond language barriers and create a personalized and inclusive experience that resonates with players on a cultural level. This not only leads to increased engagement but also keeps players coming back for more. However, it’s crucial to understand that game localization is a complex process that demands expertise and experience. If you’re considering localizing your game, look no further than Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. With decades of experience in localization and globalization in 25+ languages, our team of native linguists and experts will ensure that your game is culturally appropriate and perfectly tailored for your target audience. Contact us now to get a free consultation.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services?


→  Introduction

→  Who Needs Medical Transcription Services?

→  Human Transcription Vs AI Speech Transcription

→  5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services


The rising innovation and technological advancements such as voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are enabling an easy workflow and increasing productivity. While software like the automated text-to-speech converter is a great aid, when it comes to healthcare, it still has a long way to go. In the healthcare industry, medical transcription has a huge regard. Medical transcription is a critical aspect of healthcare that involves converting dictated medical records into written documents. Today, the majority of medical professionals, healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutes have implemented the use of medical transcription to preserve records, facilitate research and support legal proceedings.

With such increasing demand for clinical documentation, medical transcription service providers are witnessing tremendous growth. According to the latest report, the global medical transcription services market is expected to be valued at US$ 52.0 Billion by the end of 2023. The report also stated that outsourcing transcription services will be the fastest growing and have more demand in future as it offers flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency and provides reliable solutions. Keep scrolling to discover why organisations are so keen on outsourcing medical transcription, its numerous advantages and why human transcription is still in high demand.

Who Needs Medical Transcription Services?

The healthcare sector is a vast industry and is constantly evolving with the latest developments. Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and therapists often use handheld recordings to dictate various types of reports to prevent medical errors and maintain accuracy. These recordings are further transcribed in a written or electronic format to avoid any misinterpretation of data. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities also require accurate and organized transcriptions to maintain comprehensive medical records.

Medical Transcriptions also play a vital role in complying with legal and regulatory requirements. It also helps in supporting legal arguments as transcribed medical records provide necessary evidence and documentation, facilitate understanding of complex medical information, and assist in resolving legal disputes. Educational institutions that train future healthcare professionals also benefit from medical transcription services. Transcriptions of medical lectures, case studies, grand rounds, and other educational materials provide students with a valuable resource for learning and revision.

The accuracy, confidentiality, and efficiency provided by healthcare transcription services play a crucial role in maintaining comprehensive medical records, advancing research, supporting legal proceedings, facilitating education, and ensuring accurate reimbursement in the healthcare industry. Medical transcription service providers are experienced in transcribing all such data and also offer a range of medical reports including:

  • Medical histories and reports
  • Pateint visit summaries
  • Letters to patients and other medical professionals
  • Consultations reports
  • Radiology, laboratory, and pathology reports
  • Surgical and operative reports
  • Discharge summaries and instructions
Medical Report

Human Transcription Vs AI Speech Transcription

The recent advancements in speech recognition technology and the integration of Artificial Intelligence [AI] have hugely impacted the medical transcription industry. With Automated speech recognition (ASR) software, audio recordings are transcribed into text with the help of machine learning algorithms. Although these tools are extremely useful as they save time and increase productivity, human transcriptionists are still essential for reviewing and editing the output to ensure accuracy. The result generated by AI-based solutions may lack the understanding of context, leading to miscommunication. Another problem that may occur with AI software is the unfamiliarity with different accents, heavy dialects and technical knowledge of the subject.

When it comes to medical transcription, one cannot compromise accuracy and quality. As medical transcription plays a huge role in maintaining precise medical records, facilitating communication between healthcare providers, and supporting various aspects of healthcare documentation and administration. So it is best to take assistance from human transcribers to ensure the utmost accuracy.

As we are witnessing today, almost every industry has incorporated the use of AI for various purposes. While this ever-growing breakthrough technology is reducing workload, increasing productivity, and saving time and resources, one has to be mindful of its limitations. To make the most of AI automation, medical transcription services in India are collaborating with industry experts to offer error-free, accurate, efficient results with fast turnaround time and affordable prices. This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing medical transcription is growing as more and more people are seeking high-quality results with no compromise.

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

● Saves Money & Resources

One of the primary advantages of outsourcing is that it reduces operational costs for organizations. By outsourcing, healthcare providers can eliminate equipment costs such as the purchase of transcription software, dictation machines, and other hardware required for transcription. It can also curtail labour costs as providers no longer need to hire in-house transcriptionists. Outsourcing certified medical transcription services is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized healthcare industries.

● Access to Remote and Cloud-Based Transcription

Outsourcing clinical transcription is also growing mainly due to the availability of online transcription. Transcriptionists can now work from anywhere, accessing audio recordings and transcribing them remotely. Cloud-based transcription platforms also allow for seamless collaboration between healthcare providers and transcriptionists, regardless of their physical location.

● Enhanced Quality Assurance

Outsourcing can provide better quality and accurate transcription of medical records. As medical transcription providers take appropriate measures to ensure that the transcribed texts are error-free. The use of technology such as speech recognition software and automated proofreading tools is also incorporated to improve the accuracy of the records. Outsourcing medical transcription can eliminate errors caused by in-house transcriptionists such as typographical errors and inaccuracies in medical terminology.

● Access to Industry Experts

Medical transcription service providers have a team of skilled professionals with industry expertise. The trained transcriptionist are always available on demand. The transcription services providers also have native language experts who can easily understand different accents and dialects, ensuring error-free results. Additionally, healthcare outsourcing providers offer training and quality assurance programs to ensure the quality of the transcription services.

● Improved Data Security and Confidentiality

Today healthcare organizations are more open to working with outsourced transcription providers as they follow robust security measures. Encryption techniques, secure file transfer protocols, and adherence to privacy regulations such as HIPAA are integral to protecting patient information during the transcription process. They also ensure to adhere to strict privacy laws and regulations, ensuring that the patient’s sensitive information is kept confidential.

Our medical transcription services at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., are of exceptional quality. Our team of highly experienced professional transcriptionists are well-versed in the nuances of medical terminology and transcription. We understand the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in the medical field and our team reflects this in their work. We ought to deliver accurate and reliable medical transcriptions for all recordings. Talk to our expert today and receive a free consultation!

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10 Must-Watch Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles


→  Introduction

→  Rising Popularity of Turkish- English Subtitled Shows

→  Top 10 Latest Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles You Must Watch


Turkish shows have been gaining popularity all over the world. The production of these shows is skyrocketing and tv show enthusiasts are excited to watch these shows. It did not achieve this worldwide popularity instantly. Ever since the release of the first Turkish television drama in 1974, Turkish show creators and actors have been working tirelessly to achieve success and make a mark in the global entertainment industry. For example, “Erkenci Kus” also called “Daydreamer”  released in 2018, received massive recognition and love from fans all over the world. One of the main reasons for its widespread popularity was its availability in different countries and languages. Apart from Turkish-English subtitles, the drama was dubbed into multiple languages to make it more engaging and accessible.

Rising Popularity of Turkish- English Subtitled Shows

With a plethora of streaming platforms and social media, Turkish-language dramas are the fastest-growing series as they are easily accessible to audiences across the globe. While most of the Turkish dramas are dubbed in the target audience’s native languages, a huge set of the audience still prefers watching these dramas in Turkish-English subtitle translation as it helps in understanding Turkish culture, and traditions in the most authentic way and also captures the real emotion.

In this blog, we have curated a list of some of the highly anticipated Turkish shows, their themes, and why you should watch them. And the best part? The majority of these Turkish shows are streaming on YouTube and Dailymotion with English subtitles for free. So keep reading to find the best show for your next binge-watch!

Top 10 Latest Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles You Must Watch

10. Ada Masali
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Also known as Island Tales and Be my sunshine, Ada Masali is a Turkish rom-com about Hairan and Poyraz. Hairan is a businesswoman in the city and Poyraz is from a small town who is community focused and enjoys the little things in life. They are two opposite individuals, in an idle world they would never meet each other but their path intersects when they both arrive at the Swallow Island. Their first encounter starts with a little disagreement, though they don’t know what destiny has in store for them. The chemistry between both the characters is a treat to watch and keeps you entertained the whole time.
9. Heartbeat
Genre: Drama, Romance
In this show, we follow the story of Eylul a rebellious girl with whom the teacher of her school doesn’t want to deal. So, they expel her from the school and her father beats her. But everything changes when he takes her to his mother’s house in Marmaris. There she meets Ali Asaf, a surgeon from Istanbul who came to the countryside to be a teacher. Meeting him saves Eylul from the edge and makes her a successful surgeon. Then he leaves the town and years later they meet again as doctors. The story portrays the struggles Eylul faces as a surgeon and how a person like Ali Asaf can help you get through those struggles.
8. EGO
Genre: Drama, Crime
EGO dives into the story of the engaged couple Elif and Erhan who love each other and want to make a home together. The events in their lives take a downward trend when they realise the huge amount of debt that Erhan has taken. While things are not looking good for the couple they go on a business trip with Erahn’s boss Sibel. There Sibel makes an offer that has the potential to change their lives forever. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong with the couple but from a viewer’s point of view, it is exhilarating and compelling to watch.
7. Stolen Life
Genre: Crime, Drama
Asiye a girl from Istanbul, hates her life and everybody in it. Though things get over the boundaries when she discovers she is pregnant, she announces the news to her boyfriend and he threatens to leave her. In the heat of the moment, Asiye stabs her boyfriend and leaves her home with her sister. While hitchhiking they get into the car of Cetin, a rich and irresponsible man. Cetin and his girlfriend Selen are arguing and he accidentally pushes Selen off a cliff. Asiye has recorded the whole altercation and plans to threaten Cetin. Although the whole situation in the show is disastrous it is portrayed in a comical which can be a delight for the viewers.
6. Gulcemal
Genre: Drama, Crime
Gulcemal was a young boy when his mother abandoned him. This individual event shapes his life and he desires to get revenge on his mother for abandoning him and his brother. His life revolves around resentment and hatred towards his mother until he meets Deva. The only problem after meeting Deva is now they are both in danger. You can watch this tale of love and hatred on Dailymotion with English subtitles.
5. Adim Farah
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Adim Farah is a Turkish crime-drama series which follows the story of a 28-year-old Iranian woman Farah who lives in Istanbul. When Farah was 22 years old she was immigrating from Iran to France but she had to stop in Istanbul when she discovers she is pregnant. She begins working as a cleaner illegally in Istanbul to provide for herself and her son. But everything begins to tumble doe when she witnesses a murder and now the mafia wants to kill her. The stakes are high and Farah will do anything to protect her son. The gripping story of Farah is both beautiful and sometimes scary to watch.
4. Love 101
Genre: Comedy, Drama
When a group of teenagers in a high school are on the brink of getting expelled, their teacher Ms Burcu believes in them and saves them from expulsion. Although when they hear about the instant relocation of their teacher the group comes together and creates an idea to prevent their teacher from going away. They plan to make their teacher fall in love with the new sports teacher, so she can stay in the school. The show delves into the depths of a teenager’s mind and never forgets to entertain the audience. It has all the qualities for a great evening comedy, teenage drama and love. You can watch the show with English subtitles on Netflix.
3. Last Summer
Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller
8 years ago public prosecutor Selim sends Selcuk an organized crime gang leader to prison. After 8 years in jail, Selcuk makes an offer to Selim that he can’t refuse. Selcuk will testify in the trial which can bring down the whole criminal organization, the only thing he wants is to protect his son Akgun. Akgun has grown into a criminal world, so it is hard for him to accept. Due to this the life of the three characters is disrupted professionally and personally. The show is just one breakthrough after another and the phenomenal acting of all the characters ties us to the show.
2. Marasli
Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller
Marasli is a retired soldier, who has started to run a bookstore. Life changes drastically for him when his daughter gets shot. One afternoon, Mahur enters his bookstore and she gets into some trouble. Marasli helps her to get out of the situation and after that, their fates are tangled with each other. The action in this show is truly exceptional and the striking chemistry between Marasli and Mahur plays out well in the whole show and makes you care about the characters.
1. Game of Silence
Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama
Game of Silence is considered the best Turkish series, the show starts with four young boys in a district in Istanbul making a childish mistake. However, they promise each other to never tell a soul about what happened. Twenty years later, one of their friends goes to jail for killing a man and they know why their friend did it. Although, everything changes when they discover that their friend has been killed in jail. Then, the remaining three friends decide to take revenge on the person who killed their friend but for that, they might have to dig through their tragic past. The show keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and will blow your mind with the twist and turns.

At Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we offer high-quality Turkish to English Subtitling Translation Services. With over 25+ years of experience in 50+ global languages, our team of experts include native linguist who translates and localize according to the target audience’s cultural preferences. We ought to offer a seamless experience with our advanced technology, fast delivery and affordable cost. Connect with us to know more!
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An Ultimate Guide to Increase Reach & Boost Sales with Explainer Videos.


→  Introduction

→ What is an Explainer Video? Is it a modern form of communication?

→  How to Build Effective Explainer Videos?

→  How Explainer Video is Created?

→  Final thoughts


As we know social media, the most effective medium of communication is constantly evolving with new features being added every day. With the introduction of short videos like Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, etc., the way we perceive content has transformed phenomenally. From longer-duration to short-span videos, the consumption of video content is seemingly rising and will continue to grow further. 

With such growing interest to watch video content, brands and businesses are using video as a marketing tool to increase their reach and visibility. The private sector as well as government organizations are investing in professional video creation like animation videos, whiteboard animation videos or marketing videos for advertising purposes. According to a Wyzowl survey, 96% of people prefer to watch an explainer video to learn about new products and services before purchasing anything. And these videos are the most popular video type used by businesses.

With such an array of content availability, it is challenging for businesses to stand out. In order to survive in this cutthroat competition and to maximise reach, it becomes quintessential for businesses to create engaging videos. Creating video ads can not only increase viewership, and build deeper connections with the audience but also the use of video graphics effectively wonders for any business. 

In this blog let us explore more about how explainer videos can be a great tool for businesses to increase reach and boost their revenue.

What is an Explainer Video? Is it a modern form of communication?

An explainer video usually comprises thorough information about a business product or any relevant topic. For example, if the explainer video is about a product then it contains answers to questions like – “how to use it”. “How does the product work”, etc. This type of video is used to explain a product or topic in detail and in a very eye-catching manner. The ideal video consists of creative graphic visuals and an immaculate voice-over with compelling storytelling. Besides, these videos not only generate more brand awareness but also gets aligned messaging that’ll aid conversions to the business.

How to Build Effective Explainer Videos?

Before starting with the creation of a video, please note that the first 10 seconds are very important for capturing and retaining the viewer’s attention. The average duration of the video should be 3 – 5 minutes considering the limited attention span of the audience. In order to grab the attention of viewers, animation, graphics and visuals should be of high quality. Besides, a clear and convincing title also plays a major role.

Furthermore, emphasise elaborating various features or facts about the product/topic. The presentation should be in a way that maintains the viewer’s attention throughout the video. Plus, there is a need to make sure that topics are simplified so that viewers understand what makes them different from the rest of the crowd.

In short, an ideal explainer video is

  • Concise
  • Easy to understand and remember
  • Engaging
  • High audio-visual quality
  • Tailored to target audience
  • Brand appropriate

How Explainer Video is Created?

1. Research

First and foremost comes research. Research ensures that the facts and information included in the video are reliable. Meticulous research provides a sense of trust and clarity which makes it easier to convince the viewers. It can help with understanding what are the interests of the audience, and what they prefer. Find out the problems/issues related to the topic, and come up with feasible solutions. Prompt research also helps to choose the topic and content wisely.

2. Script

The next and most important step is script writing. It is crucial to create a script that resonates with the target audience and is easy to understand. The content of the script should be presented in detail and clearly, considering the needs of the targeted audience. Give requisite emphasis to Keywords and certain phases which can catch attention quickly. In a nutshell, a good script can even make complex topics understandable.
Video Script

3. Voice-over

Once the script is ready, voice-over comes into the picture. The voice-over or the audio should be accurate with regard to the time and duration of the video. It should correspond to the video’s tone and content. The right style, language, dialect and accent assures to appeal to the target audience. Professional voice-over artists can ensure that the brand’s message is conveyed effectively with the right style, language, dialect and accent.

4. Video creation / Animation

Lastly comes the actual creation of the video. An animated explainer video relies on its engaging visual graphics and concise message that grabs most of the audience’s attention. Professional video creation service providers use 2D motion graphics, whiteboard, kinetic typography and stop-motion animation styles of the highest quality. They ensure to add moving graphic imagery, music, and typography according to the theme of the video to make it more appealing.

Final thoughts

Many businesses are today struggling to convert their potential leads into customers due to unawareness of the efficacious use of explainer videos. Explainer videos have nowadays become the need of the hour regardless of what kind of business you have. It’s therefore important to make it work best for your business. Now that you know everything about explainer videos, you can start communicating with your target audience more conveniently. Keep in mind to choose and create a video that suits your needs and budget. Video is versatile in nature and thus can be used to convert potential leads into a customer base easily.

At Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we offer high-quality video creation services for all business needs. From research, scripting, voice-over to video creation, video editing and post-production, we offer end-to-end solutions at affordable prices. Connect with us today and receive a free consultation from our experts.

5 Reasons Professional Dubbing Service Is Going to Be Big in 2023


→  Introduction

→  What is Professional Dubbing?

→  Why Professional Dubbing Service is Going to be Big in 2023?


Today Artificial Intelligence or AI technology is transforming how businesses communicate with customers and streamline their operations. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world as it is expanding every day with new advancements and innovations. Among the latest emerging trends in machine learning, AI-generated voiceovers are witnessing an upsurge in various industries. Brands and businesses are adapting the use of AI-based software for voice-overs in commercials, advertisements, multilingual audio translation and visual content. It is said that AI technology will grow 2x in three to four years. According to research conducted by Market Data Forecast, the global voice-over market has been valued at $2.75 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a market value of $6.52 billion by 2027.

Let us delve deep into the cutting-edge technology of AI voice-over and how it can boost global growth and success for businesses.

What is Professional Dubbing?

Dubbing involves replacing the original dialogue of a film or TV show or any other audio-visual content with a new audio track in a different language. It is a vital process in localizing content and making it accessible to a wider audience. In professional dubbing, the content is translated into other languages while preserving the cultural differences and nuances of the target languages. This process involves a team of language experts, linguists, professional translators, voice actors, sound engineers, and post-production specialists who work together to ensure that the translated version is accurate, culturally appropriate, and emotionally impactful.

Video dubbing is essential in the media and entertainment industry and also for content creators and businesses who want to make their work accessible to a wider audience and build a global presence. Professional film dubbing requires a high level of expertise and attention to detail to ensure that the final product is accurate and of high quality. When done correctly, professional dubbing can enhance the overall viewing experience for audiences by making the content more relatable and enjoyable, regardless of their language or cultural background.

Why Professional Dubbing Service is Going to be Big in 2023?

1. Expansion of Streaming Services

The growth of OTT platforms like Netlifx, Amazon Prime Video and others has revolutionized the entertainment industry, making content more accessible to viewers worldwide. These platforms boast content in the form of movies, documentaries, web shows etc. With such a variety of content available, it is difficult to stand out and attract more viewers. With dubbing, a single piece of content can be made available to wider audiences by transforming it into multiple languages. This will increase viewership as audiences from different regions prefer watching content in their own native languages. To cater to such an audience, professional dubbing services in India are growing as they ensure that the content is accurately translated and will offer a pleasant experience to the viewers.

2. Rising Popularity of Foreign Content

Netflix OTT

Foreign content has become increasingly popular among audiences worldwide. International shows like Squid Games and Money Heist, which originated in South Korea and Spain respectively, have gained widespread popularity and have been loved by audiences in different parts of the world. Many Korean drama shows, anime shows and other foreign language shows have witnessed similar kinds of popularity and appreciation, leading to a worldwide fan following. 

This has opened doors for more ethnic language content to be introduced to a global audience, providing an opportunity for non-English speaking countries to showcase their talent, culture, and unique perspectives.

The rise of international content has also led to the growth of subtitling and dubbing industries, making it easier for viewers to enjoy shows in languages other than their own. This has helped break down language barriers and create a more connected world where people can enjoy, learn and appreciate different cultures.

Read: 10 Binge-Worthy Anime To Watch In India 2023 | Parikh Info Solutions

3. Increased Growth and Revenue Opportunities

Using professional dubbing can lead to significant economic and business advantages. 

Content creators and distributors can expand their reach and increase their revenue by making their content accessible to audiences in different countries. Multilingual dubbing services allow content to be translated and localized for different markets, which can help businesses reach new audiences, increase viewership and generate additional income. This is particularly true for content that is popular in one market and has the potential to be successful in other markets as well.

Dubbing content in multiple languages can also help businesses save money on marketing and advertising, as they can leverage the success of their existing content in one market to promote it in other markets. This can help businesses build brand recognition and increase their market share in different countries. 

4. Growth of Technology Advancements

AI and machine learning technologies are increasingly being used to improve the efficiency and quality of dubbing services, resulting in faster turnaround times and more accurate translations. There are multiple companies using machine learning algorithms to automatically generate subtitles or translations for video content. Also, AI Dubbing technology with human-based editing offers error-free outcomes as it offers multiple features like translation, transcription, voice morphing, etc to create natural-sounding voices. This helps to reduce the time and costs involved in the traditional dubbing process as well as enhances the overall viewing experience for audiences.

As these technologies continue to evolve, we can expect to see further improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of dubbing services, making it easier for audiences around the world to enjoy content in their native language.

5. Enhanced Viewing Experience

Dubbing enhance the overall viewing experience for audiences by making content more relatable and enjoyable. With professional dubbing services, the content is localised accurately while preserving the emotional impact and cultural nuances of the original content. This ensures audiences a delightful viewing experience as they can immerse themselves in the content without any language barrier. This also helps content creators to connect better with their target audience, resulting in higher viewer engagement. This is particularly important in the globalized world we live in today, where audiences from different parts of the world have access to a wide variety of media content. Accurate dubbing and translation can also help to reduce the risk of misunderstandings or misinterpretations, which could potentially damage the reputation of the or lead to confusion among viewers.

We at Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offer Professional Dubbing and AI Dubbing in 25+ languages. From translation, and localization to subtitling and dubbing, we offer end-to-end, error-free, accurate and efficient solutions. Our team of professionals and language experts ensure that audiences worldwide can enjoy their favourite shows and movies with ease. Connect with us today to get a Free Trial.

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