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With years dedicated to the localization industry, we have perfected the formula to create decisive content and methods for localization. Be it Apps, Websites, or Software, we help you connect with consumers on the most fundamental level.

What is Localization?

Localization is the process of modifying a product to adapt to the needs of the audience in different regions. While translation services are often a key component, language localization includes local regulations and cultural differences in order to connect with the intended audience.

The true skill of translating and localizing a document lies in adapting it to a format without changing its true meaning.

We offer the best localization services in India at affordable prices and fast outcomes.

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Localization services involve adding elements of native customs. This would make the experience more humanistic and natural. With all the information and instructions set in some foreign language, the viewers could feel a little overwhelmed.

Precise localization is more than translating the text for the target audience. It includes graphics customization and Graphic User-Interface optimizations.

All the various elements are engineered perfectly to meet the requirements of the users. We also ensure the finest language localization production quality with excellent service.

Using effective localization services tools with master native language experts, we aid professionals to go global in their targeted language.

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Localization vs Translation

Translation services refer to the process of translating or changing text from one language to another, retaining its original meaning. The goal of translation is to maintain the originality of the original text and content in the target language.

Localization services refer to the process of modifying the content by keeping both linguistical and cultural differences in focus. You will need localization services in order to reach a wider audience in different regions and parts of the world. The process of simply translating does not cater to wider audiences as one cannot connect due to major cultural differences. With our localization services in India, we create the perfect blend of content with both linguistic and cultural equivalence. 

The main difference between translation services and localization services is that localization bridges the gap between cultural differences, modifying it according to the local language of the targeted region. The localization services are important for making content, products, services and campaigns reach global audiences along with meeting cultural expectations. 

Both translation and localization services are important to make content available in vast languages. But knowing when to use these services is the main key. Translation services are often used for—Legal and Technical documents, Medical documents, Science journals, Publications/Books and User Manuals.

Localization services are mainly used for software, websites, mobile apps, video games, and other digital products and services. The main aim of localization services is to make the content appear relatable and “local” in terms of the specific target region. From choosing the content, and graphics according to local languages preferences to modifying it with accurate local and legal requirements. Our localization services in India ensures high quality driven content, focussing on ever aspect like: Language, Expressions, Idioms, Vocabulary, Cultural references, Measuring units , Currency units and Date formats.

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We Provide Following Localization Services

How Language Localization Services Will Benefit You?

SEO Localization - Key Benefits

SEO Localization

SEO localization is a crucial aspect to cover, before entering foreign markets.

For maximum efficiency, we use the exact translation of keywords.

We always take into account that sufficient research is conducted on different platforms, to comprehend search practices.

100% transparent workflow - Key Benefits

100% transparent workflow

At all the stages of development, our localization services offer extensive progress and review reports to our clients.

At any point, they can alter and personalize the process, suiting to their needs. We ensure a 100% transparent workflow with our clients.

Modified Designing - Key Benefits

Modified Designing

Your company’s page is made available and ready to use in the intended languages with language localization services. All ethnic preferences have to be considered before entering a new market.

We accommodate all the little details to your applications, websites, and software to make them perfect in every way.

Experts in IT Domain - Key Benefits

Experts in IT Domain

Our professionals come from the IT sector and acquire an absolute edge in the technical department.

We offer Programmers, Translators, and GUI (Graphic User-Interface) Architects, providing extensive project assistance.

Increase in Market Reach - Key Benefits

Increase in Market Reach

You rank high in those search results where your site has a native language version for Google.

Translating your websites and applications into various languages increases your audience base and attracts more customers.

Our team ensures to provide our clients with top-ranked localization services in India at affordable prices with a fast turnout and with a minimum of fuss. 

Maintaining Cultural Sensitivity - Key Benefits

Maintaining Cultural Sensitivity

Our translators keep in mind the cultural sensitivity of the language during the entire language localization process.

Date and time formats, telephone numbers, geographical references, everything is presented in the correct way regarding the native language.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, every project is undertaken by a dedicated project manager who takes care of the project from start to finish.

All the communications are managed by them and you can get in touch with the project manager with respect to any concern or query.

From a business perspective, Translation and Globalization fit well with Localization. Depending upon the business model, industry & market; you can avail of any other services to boost your business.

The delivery period depends upon the project volume, number of languages, type of service required etc. However, the minimum turnaround time for small jobs is 24 hours.

For new clients, we accept 50% advance and rest within 1 week of submission. For clients working with us on a regular basis, we operate with a 30 days net payment cycle.

We accept payment by PayPal, Payoneer and Bank wire transfer.

You can inform the project manager assigned to stop/cancel the project anytime. However, we will bill for the completed part of the project.

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