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Professional Transcription Services - Audio & Video

In a world full of software-generated inaccurate texts, we are here to lessen your burden by transcribing your audios and video files into written texts with utmost professionalism and 99% accuracy level. We take up full human transcription as well as QC of auto-generated transcriptions by our experienced transcribers as per your requirement, budget, content type, audio quality and urgency.
We write the words you speak!

Transform Your Multimedia to Definitive Text

Our team of professional transcribers ensures that the quality and essence of your files are retained. You can expect unparalleled, authentic texts; translated into a multitude of languages for widespread use. Be it any language, our experts pen down every sound, every word with precision.

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Reliance uses our translation services
Transperfect uses our subtitling services
Bharti AXA Life Insurance uses our transcription services
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Benefits of Our Transcription Services

Human Transcriptionists - Key Benefits

Human Transcribers

Our professional transcribers practice an efficient way of transcribing your speech to text and make
sure that everything is captured correctly. Human transcribers add a personal touch to your

Verbatim Transcription - Key Benefits

Verbatim Transcription

Dialects, accents, and all subtle sounds are analyzed. Every minute detail, every sigh, grin, exclamation, every expression is mentioned to give you a high-quality transcription text.

Availability of choices - Key Benefits

Availability of Choices

Every individual has their own sets of preferences and choices. People have different preferences like written texts, audios, videos, etc. Having your digital data transcribed in text opens a broad range of audiences who prefer reading instead of videos.

Market Research - Key Benefits

Market Research

Transcription service is very important in various major industries like medical, law firms, corporate sectors, mass media communication, etc. Our team studies your industry thoroughly and their position in the market to provide you with accurate transcriptions.

Accessibilty at all stages - Key Benefits

Accessibility at all stages

Our team has made it possible for the users to access the documents as required. We make sure to use the correct language essence for an individualized exposure. The text file undergoes various inspections and quality-check tests, to point out any blemish.

Wealth of all languages - Key Benefits

Wealth of Languages

We offer human-based transcription services in India and all around the globe with all major Indian, Asian, and European languages. We make sure to use the correct language essence for individualized exposure. The text file undergoes various inspections and quality-check tests, to point out any blemish.

Get Your Transcription Done in 4 Easy Steps

With skilled and proficient transcribers, you can expect a comprehensive breakdown of the entire audio/video file into a cognitive language.


Analyze Source Audio Files & Instructions


Transcription (Human or MT+Human) with/without time coding


Proofreading / QA


Finalize Transcription as per client specifications

Get Your 100 % Human Transcription

Native Transcribers
Hassel-Free Process
Accuracy Guaranteed
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, every project is undertaken by a dedicated project manager who takes care of the project from start to finish. All the communications are managed by them and you can get in touch with the project manager with respect to any concern or query.

Yes, a minimum fee of USD 15 for small transcription jobs.

The delivery period depends upon the project volume, number of languages, type of service required etc. However, the minimum turnaround time for small jobs is 24 hours.

For new clients, we accept 50% advance and rest within 1 week of submission. For clients working with us on regular basis, we operate with 30 days net payment cycle.

We accept payment by PayPal, Payoneer and Bank wire transfer.

From a business perspective, voice over, & of business fits well with transcription. Depending upon the business model, industry & market; you can avail of any other services to boost your business.

You can inform the project manager assigned to stop/cancel the project anytime. However, we will bill for the completed part of the project.

Parikh Info Solutions – Premium Human Transcription Services in USA

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Do you have audio or video files to transcribe but don’t know how to get it right? As one of the leading agencies to provide transcription services in USA, Parikh Info Solutions is here to take care of your needs. All you need to do is upload your files, and our team will take care of everything.

Are you worried about the quality of transcripts? Don’t fret about it! Our highly qualified transcriptionists will leverage the power of advanced speech recognition software to make transcripts as accurate as possible.

Our additional transcription services
  • Legal Transcription Services
  • Enterprise & Recurring Transcription Services
  • HIPAA Compliant Transcription Services
  • Foreign Language Transcription Support

If you need any of these services, contact us today!

What Do We Understand By Transcription Services?

Transcription is the process of converting an oral file, which can be in the form of video or audio, into text format. Information is abundantly available in the oral form, but it must be documented accurately. From phone calls to business meetings, transcribed information is essential for the smooth functioning of all businesses. When vast amounts of files need to be converted with the highest degree of precision, it is best to rely on professionals.

Here are a few ways transcription can benefit businesses –

  • Accurate transcribed reports and letters are necessary when sharing these documents with customers, clients, and shareholders.
  • Transcribed documents are necessary for recording important events without having to worry about forgetting or remembering incorrectly.
  • Transcription allows the conversion to digital content, such as podcasts, webinars, dictations, into courses or books
  • Transcription gives flexibility and time for creating content strategies for product creation and SEO.

Reasons why outsourcing transcription services are the best bet for business are discussed below –

  • They offer close to cent percent precision and accuracy
  • Turnaround time is quick, which is useful when you’re working on strict deadlines
  • Services can be customized according to your specific needs
  • They can deal with a variety of different input and output file formats
How Do Our Online Transcription Services Work?

Access to our high-quality online transcription services is simple and hassle-free. here’s how it all works –

  • Uploading the Content – You can use our online portal, smartphone application, SFTP, API, or other methods, to submit your content. Send us web links or drag and drop audio files; either way works for you.
  • Assigning Transcribers For Your Project – Once we process your order for transcription services in USA, we will assign the most qualified and experienced transcriptionists for your project.
  • Receiving the Transcripts – Our team will notify you as soon as we are done working on your transcripts. You can download it from your most preferred channel once the project is completed.
The Best Transcription Services in USA for All Industries

Regardless of which industry vertical your business is in, we will extend the best transcription services in USA to meet your specific needs. Our transcription process implements a hybrid model that combines the expertise of human transcriptionists with speech recognition technology to ensure the quality and accuracy of transcripts.

Some of the popular types of transcription projects we undertake are –

  • Legal Transcription
  • Market Research Transcription
  • HIPAA Compliant and Medical Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Insurance Industry Transcription
  • Podcast Transcription
  • Custom Enterprise Transcription
  • Conference Transcription
  • Phone Call & Call Centre Transcription
  • AI & Machine Learning Transcription
  • Lecture and Dissertation Transcription
Keeping Your Data Safe Is Our Responsibility!

We understand how valuable your data is the backbone of your business, and safeguarding it is our top priority. Without failing any security audits conducted over the past years, we assure you that anything you share with us is safe and secure.

Our online transcription services are based on the best information security processes and prosocial to make sure that any data you share is securely maintained and encrypted during the transcription process. Our services are complaints to GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA protocols, to name a few. In addition, we regularly conduct system-wide penetration tests to ensure there’s no breach in your privacy.

High-Accuracy Transcription Services in USA

If you’re looking for attention to detail and the highest degree of precision, you can trust us. With the quality of work, we’ve presented our clients over the years in various industry verticals, we can proudly say that we offer the best transcription services in the USA with an accuracy rate of 99%.

Available at affordable packages and a world-class team of transcriptionists, you can stay assured that your needs will be met with the right amount of dedication. Our team is also well-versed in dealing with multiple speakers in audio.

If you have audio files that have a combination of regional languages or something equally challenging, get in touch with us.

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If you have complex transcription needs or questions regarding the overall cost estimate of your project, we are more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us with your project details, and we will give you a free quote.


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