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App Localisation

All that you need to know.

By 2023, there would be around 7.33 billion mobile users around the globe. It's conspicuous to say that a majority of them would have various applications installed on their devices. App usage is booming in the current age. Users want an immersive experience, without any lingual restrictions. Thus, app localisation has become pivotal for a significant accomplishment for any application developing organisation.

To attain a universal subscribership, refining the apps to satisfy region-specific targets is essential. Breaking the boundaries and going out of the box is the key. For any production company, attracting new users is the top priority. So, a localised app will aid you to increase the app downloads and the number of active users. With Parikh Info Solutions, you can expect guaranteed results and considerable revenue spike for all your applications.

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How we operate?

Our talented crew of executive programmers have years of expertise in app development software and languages. Android Resource Loading, User Interface declaration in XML, activity lifecycle analysis are some chief aspects to mention.

Also, the behaviour and layout of the app are perfectly engineered by our project team. There are many scenarios where the input data has to be formatted depending on the locale. We make sure to endorse languages such as Java, to handle the input data precisely in all supported speeches. Our team boasts skilled linguists and meticulous programmers, to adapt and modify your apps in all languages, for all platforms. Our goal is simple, remodelling your applications in every aspect for all communities.

1. Analysis and Scanning:

After receiving the required blueprint from the client, our project team goes for an in-depth evaluation of the application. Each piece of raw data is studied, and all translatable strings and information recorded. Before the translation team takes over, every element of the app is distinguished and organised.

2. Administering Translation:

Once all the translatable content is separated, our translating team starts working on it. Having years of experience in this field, every member of our crew is a passionate veteran. With executive-class tools and software, all the material is meticulously localised. We also provide our clients with complete connection to the translation team, for a 100% transparent workflow. With this level of professional translation and interpretation, we offer best app localisation services at the most reasonable rates.

3. User Interface Customisation:

The most significant step of the entire localisation process. All the UI components are analysed and edited suiting to the indigenous consumers. At Parikh Info Solutions, the complete layout of the parent-software is revamped, including every bit of multimedia.

4. Graphics and Multimedia

We pay special attention to the non-translatable pieces at our abode. Our designing team makes sure that your images convey the right meaning in every language. Pictures and symbols are fittingly edited, so they make ample sense and are not offending in any manner. We ensure that every element of your software is engineered precisely for local needs.

5. On-Device Testing and Compatibility:

We now follow the testing procedures for the perfect functioning of your applications. All the localised content is tested for suitable parameters. Our skilled programmers on the backend, approve the layout and functionality on actual devices. We have modernistic CAT tools for reviewing apps on mobiles and other devices. This provides a comprehensive analysis leaving no window for errors.

6. Project Delivery:

After strict inspections and quality control sessions, we deliver the finalised application. We present the localised application in any format of your liking. We also provide the convenience of direct download from our online client portal.

Why should you go for our expertise?

For any global enterprise, localisation is essential to inaugurate a concrete foundation of trust and respect among the native patrons. Endorsing the elements of multicultural ethics, provide the users with the freedom to truly explore and discover your applications.

China, for instance, has emerged as one of the most fabulous markets for android apps. The straightforward reason being it's massive population. Other prominent markets are India and Brazil and other Asian countries, where the consumption and application downloads are skyrocketing. India had 12.1 billion and China had a whopping 79.3 billion downloads back in 2017. This gives us an estimate of how potent this industry has become.

But what’s disheartening is that most of the applications are produced for international purposes, with an English-based version. This immediate renders the non-English speakers unable to utilise the applications completely. Thus we as an application localisation platform aim to boost your active users, monthly downloads and the revenues associated with your applications.

App localisation for Android and iOS requires a lot more than simple translation. All ethnic preferences have to be considered before entering a new market. Not to mention, the working knowledge of all prevalent programming languages should be present. Developing Android and iOS apps in a wealth of languages is a colossal task involving layout modifications, UI customisation, currencies and measurement units modification and similar aspects. Parikh Info Solution's decade's old proficiency promises you tremendous growth opportunities in the foreign markets.

We make your applications available and ready to use in all the languages. It is made sure that the app handles all the different characters, numbers, and alphabets precisely and clearly. Text, when converted to other languages, can also increase/decrease in size. Also, specific writings like Arabic and Hebrew are presented in right-to-left fashion. Our developers and UI engineers well encrypt such vital features. Being one of the leading app localisation agency, we accommodate all the little details to your applications to make them perfect in every way.

Having a licensed and well-reputed localisation platform also allows our client to go easy on their budget.

Being an MSME registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we offer the best possible rates in this field.

Getting the Competitive Edge

We at Parikh Info Solutions strive to provide the fierce edge over similar contenders.
Our translation team thoroughly inspects all the content for any minute error. All the multimedia are analysed from a cultural perspective, to make sure they are not offending in any manner.
Our programming team on the backend ensures that the code perfectly merges with all gears of the applications.

Many free translation tools are surfacing on the web. However, they are neither reliable with confidential information nor produce high quality localised content. Great app localisation covers every aspect concerning the target audience. At Parikh Info Solutions, we keep the unique cultural aspects of each market, our translators and interpreters making the experience as seamless as possible.

Unlike free online localisation services, we provide comprehensive manoeuvrability and transparency to our clients.

Apart from the general application settings, we also focus on indirect features. These elements aid your apps to establish into a new and native user base.

1. Metadata Localisation:

We always pay attention to various attributes attached to your applications. Keywords and descriptions and even the name of the applications require localisation. Studies have shown that apps with Metadata Localisation have been twice more downloaded. Our project team digs deep to modify and adapt this essential data to the needs of local communities. A localised description and associating keywords increases the app discoverability in new regions.

2. Application Analytics:

Unlike similar platforms, our crew also dwells on app analytics and comprehensive app reviews. Such research helps you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Getting genuine reviews and examining the analytical reports could be a game-changer. Moreover, you get a detailed insight into the actions of similar applications. With all this data, we provide our clients with esteemed results from the actual target users.

3. Expanding App-store Searches:

iTunes App Store and the Google App Store could facilitate your application searches and the monthly number of downloads. With our executive localisation techniques, your applications will be easier to search and discover. With a warm welcoming in the native tongues, you can definitely expect enhanced searches and application downloads.

Promise of Confidentiality:

We respect the privacy of your work models. You can confide with us anytime, for urgent matters. We offer complete access to our clients at any stage of processing. Our system is wholly transparent to our clients, making us a trustworthy choice.
Our ethical and faithful programmers, developers and translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to keep all material confidential.

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