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Our team of experts provide personalized marketing techniques for your business that help you grab the eyeballs of your potential prospects. We believe in crafting creative and optimum strategies that will give guaranteed results and promote optimization of your business in a short period of time.

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Search Engine Optimization

On average, over two million searches are made every day on just Google Search Engine, not to mention other engines. Therefore, making your way on top of these web searches on the front page, can make your business boom or go bankrupt.

Search Engine Optimization is the deciding factor that helps you rank higher on search engines without spending in paid advertisements, by organic listing. At PISPL we lift this load from your shoulders, by managing your SEO priorities. With our in-house SEO experts, we help you build a sustainable business by not just increasing the visibility on the websites but ensuring you get more qualified leads for your business.

What is SEO?

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to enhance your online content and visibility to increase ranking and diverging organic (free, natural) traffic to your website.

SEO is the magic that works to drive the targeted audience to your website. There are many factors like On-Page Strategies, Off-Page Strategies, Effective Keywords, Technical attributes, Design, Quality Content, and many more that contribute to gaining the credibility of your business online.

SEO targets different sectors in search, including image search, local search, video and audio search, news search, industry-specific search, etc. It leads to the generation of the right amount of traffic at the right amount of period to the site without actually paying for it!

Like good habits take time to show results, similarly, SEO grows gradually over time. Good habits are beneficial in a long run and so is SEO. Efforts and Patience is the key for optimizing your website.

Why choose us?

SEO keeps changing all the time. Its uncertainty makes it so interesting and challenging. And we love challenges. At MediaBuzzLab we develop constructive campaigns to increase visibility and make you stand out from your competitors.

With effective strategies and quality content, we ensure that your sites climb the rankings on the search engines, not just temporarily, but in a longer run. Slowly, Steadily and Sustainably, we build the strong pillars for your business.

The Privileges of Picking up our SEO Services

♦ Higher Traffic and Increased Ranking

Keeping the searchers in mind we help in generating high-quality organic traffic in targeted keywords to your website. We ensure the integrity of the targeted audience directed to your business. It is our job to make your site appear in the peak searches in web engines and stay there.

♦ Constant Monitoring

Search engines change their algorithms frequently and evolve constantly. By constantly monitoring the web engines, we keep improving your website by making the required changes to promote your gradual growth and keep you on top of the competition.

♦ Higher Conversion Rates

We don't just focus on increasing the traffic, but also convert the traffic into higher returns. Our focus is on higher conversions / ROI to give justification to your digital marketing expenditure because we understand that every penny counts.

♦ SEO experts

We have the finest team to work on SEO and provide consultations. Experts in this domain are ready to provide the best solutions and recommendations for upgrading your business' online presence and increase your clients.

♦ White Hat SEO

We like keeping things simple and straight. We believe in playing a fair game by google engine rules. Thus, we provide your human audience with quality, freshness of content, easy accessibility, and a great experience at your website.

♦ Effective Keywords

Using the right keywords to optimize your page structure and content and there is nothing that can stop your business from mounting towards success. Focusing on the targeted keywords for specific locale, we seamlessly integrate them in your website to increase rankings and provide your targeted audience with quality enriched content.

Our SEO Services:

♦ SEO for Small business

In the competitive market of business, we are here to help you grow. Make your small business reach the peak of success with SEO consulting and generate qualified leads for the prosperity of the business.

♦ Global and Multi-lingual SEO

Expand your boundaries, reach to the corners of the world as we optimize your webpages making you visible on international grounds. Don't worry about linguistic communication, because that's already been taken care of by us. Our parent company, Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a leading Language Services Provider, and so we can also help you localize your website into multiple languages.

♦ Map Marketing and Local SEO

Since Google stated that nearly 20% of all searches relate to a location, it is important to focus on local SEO. Increase your visibility by appearing in local searches by expanding your customer base on brand new locations. Optimize your business by increasing your presence on Google Maps and reach out to a wider audience.

♦ App Store Optimization

Level up your business app visibility in your respective category on App stores. Our strategic designs for SEO will help you boost your App accessibility and open up a vast market of mobile users.

♦ E-commerce SEO

Be it buying, selling of products, or promoting your business in the market, SEO helps you in reaching out to your target audience in the most efficient manner. Prosper in the E-commerce area, with our building strategies and market plans.

♦ Mobile or Voice Search SEO

As Smartphones make the humans' job easier with voice recognitions, with typed searches, expand your horizons to a wider audience with voiced searches through mobile devices. We help you in making your website more mobile-friendly.

♦ Link Building Services

Climb the staircase higher in the ranking of your targeted keywords with qualified backlinks to your site. Boost your chances of ranking higher with good quality of links and offering value in return for a solid link. Our job is to make it easier for search engines like Google, to reach out to you.

Social Media Marketing:

Over the course of years, Social Media has become the fastest medium to reach out to the consumers, thanks to higher internet speed and easy accessibility. The sector has grown a lot attracting millions of users every day. Thus, is has become important to market yourself on these social platforms, to attract the right community towards your business.

At PISPL, we offer our clients with fresh and innovative methods to grab the attention of the desired audience with our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services. With engaging and interesting content, we aim to build up your PR outreach and make your business reach out to the masses.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process where in you generate constructive content that is tailored to engage the spectators and increase the traffic on your site using the social media platforms.

SMM helps you to monitor your business on these platforms, measure success and failures of your Ad campaigns, and thus come up with flawless strategies that improve your online presence.

Today, large number of masses engage in social media for all sorts of content. Be it news, entertainment, information, trends, buying, selling, social media has literally proven to be a worthy platform for any business to prosper.

With the increasing users of social media every day, it has become very important factor for a business to show its presence on these platforms. With upright online content mix, one can expand its business to the horizon.

Why choose us?

With multiple social media platforms available in the market, we come up with creative content that works on each platform. We constantly follow the trend on social media, making interesting campaigns that go with the flow.

♦ Media specific campaigns

Every media platform needs a slightly different method for successful media campaigns. Designing effective campaigns, we adopt specialized techniques that suits the platform’s requirements and present best adverts that cater your category specific areas.

♦ PR outreach

Maintaining good relation with the audience is what makes you trust worthy. We take care of your Public Relations and expand them by exposing your company to the mainstream media.

♦ Engaging Content

Content and Context are the two major factors that matter when it comes to advertising. Repeated content can bore people. Hence, we constantly come up with unique and fresh content to keep your audience engaged.

♦ Increase in exposure

With our SMM experts, we build up successful strategies that increase your reach on multiple media platforms, and ensure that right audience is targeted. Exposure through social media can also help in targeting a fresh audience.

♦ Effective Communication

Social Media has made the connection easier between the businesses and their customers. We make it easier for you to communicate effectively with the right audience that suits your business.

Our SMM services:

♦ LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn is like your virtual business proposal, everything is professional. Expand your business opportunities on LinkedIn by advertising your company in B2B category and increase your leads.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook helps you target the ideal customers. Deciding the desired target audience and goal of campaign, we build customized customer avatars that build up your presence in the right audience.

♦ Instagram Ads:

Instagram’s integration with Facebook has just made expanding your reach easier with no extra work. Now, advertise on Facebook and repost in on Instagram with just a single push of button. Make right use of Hashtags and they expose you to the right audience.

♦ YouTube Ads:

YouTube has literally changed our outlook towards consuming video content due to easy and free accessibility and freedom of expression (big thanks to the comments section). By giving snippets or layer content, you can easily drive the audience to your website.

♦ Pinterest Ads:

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to look for information. It can also be called as a niche platform for all sort of content. Broadcast your business details and products to drive the audience to your site.

Email Marketing:

While you are promoting your brand out there amongst the vast audience, it is necessary to attract the right clients that will convert into leads. Despite being old, Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to the audience and promote your business.

At PISPL, we craft a unique approach to help you to catch the attention of your targeted audience and drive them to your company. It is our job to turn your potential targets into customers by persuading them through our Email Marketing services.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a process of reaching out to your prospects and customers in the form of e-mail campaigns. Even in today's world with vast number of social platforms, E-mail is still the most trusted platform for marketing one's business.

The biggest strength of Email Marketing is that you can reach out directly to your potential customers right in their mailbox. With Engaging content and well crafted details one can make a successful campaign that will potentially attract their audience.

Email Marketing is very useful in persuading new potential targets and there are higher chances of increase in conversion rates. Using a funneled list with right prospects, this formal platform helps you convert your prospects into customers.

Why choose us?

Be always on their Mind!

At PISPL, we come up with unique and engaging strategies that cater according to your company needs. Our In-house experts create a direct channel of communication with you and your customers and thus help you achieve your marketing goals.

The Privileges of our Services:

♦ Higher ROI rates

Every marketing strategy's ultimate goal is to promote their business and earn profits. We help you with smart strategies and blueprints that increases your customers' list and in return lead you with higher ROI.

♦ Appealing Campaigns

We are well-versed with the likes and dislikes of the consumers in the market. Thus by making strong game plan, we drive the right kind of audience to your company.

♦ Quality Content

As Bill Gates predicted "Content is king", we make it as our motto to give your audience what they want. We feed your audience with crispy and high quality content and capture their attention into your business.

♦ Bridging the Gap

At PISPL, we make your company reach out to the right audience by sorting out the list and giving you potential Emails that are worthy leads. We make a personalized Email list just according to your marketing requirements.

Our Services:

♦ Curating Email Strategy

Every business requires a different approach towards their audience. We curate personalized strategies just for you that suits your marketing goals accordingly.

♦ Funneled Email List

PISPL specializes your email list, by making you a software aided list that targets all the potential leads and specialized segments that provide you higher conversion rates. We have the budget friendly email list packages that will suit right for your business.

♦ Regularity in Mail Send-outs

By setting up a specific calendar, we provide your readers with interesting content on a regular basis to always keep you fresh inside their head.

♦ Analyzing Emails

We take care of your E-mail marketing by observing the e-mails' click rates, conversion rates and thus make improvement in the campaigns to ensure maximum output.

Pay Per Click:

Be right in front of their eyes!

Want to find your business Ad on the top of Google search results? Well, we are right here at your service. At PISPL, we work efficiently to hike up your visibility on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) through our SEM services.

Every business is unique and has different requirements. Thus, with tailor-made techniques, we craft eccentric ideas and campaigns that boost our businesses on the peak in search engines. We have the finest team at your service to make your company reach out to targeted audience in your given budget.

What is SEM??

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a paid form of advertising used to market your company on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Bidding is done on the targeted keywords that a user might use while searching for the desired services, which gives the advertiser an increased opportunity to rank on the top of the page alongside the organic results.

The biggest strength of SEM is that it allows the company a potential opportunity to put up their ads in front of targeted customers who are ready to make a purchase at that precise moment.

With Quality Score and Keyword Bidding System, search engines like Google ranks your site on SERPs with respect to user queries. SEM helps your company in having a higher quality score and doing the right bidding increases your chances on being placed on the top of the results.

Organic methods like SEO can be time consuming. In this competitive market, SEM is an instant and most effective way to rise up your company in the eye sight of the targeted audience through the paid services of advertising.

Why choose us?

We understand the importance of SEM for a business expansion, and thereby PISPL provides you with their best team to ease this burden for you at effective costs, so you can focus on other factors for your company’s prosperity.

Every penny spent on digital marketing is an investment for your potential growth. Utilizing all the sources to its best, we guarantee complete optimization in your business. Be it a small business or a big one, we hike your visibility in the market of targeted audience.

Privileges of our Services:

♦ Hit the Right Target:

With well-defined strategies and campaign, we converge the perfect user audience to your site and thus increase the odds of generating effective leads for your business.

♦ Make the Best of the Buck:

Whether your budget is small or big, we have the perfect plans to suit your pockets. We make use of every source to provide you with the best and creative Ad campaigns.

♦ Measure Success:

At PISPL, we believe in complete transparency with our clients. Monthly reports, help us to maintain good communication on both the sides. We regularly monitor the Ads being projected on search engine, and make constant improvements to cater your audience.

♦ Be the Apple of their Eye:

It is our job to make you stand out from your competitors by using smart methods and showcase the best of your business in the market for your targeted masses.

Our SEM services:

♦ PPC management

We spend sufficient time and efforts on Search Engine Marketing and manage all the sectors of Advertisements to ensure maximum output to the business. It is our job to amplify your company to the top of the search engine.

♦ PPC Banner Ads

Smart and catchy headlines grab maximum attention of the audience. We ensure high quality content and visual banner Ads being displayed on the search engine.

♦ Social Ads

Social media has become a vast platform to influence the potential customers into driving towards the business. We advertise on all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to make sure that no pages are left unturned.

♦ Mobile Ads

Smartphones have made everyone’s lives convenient and increased the market of internet Ads. Thus, we make mobile friendly Ads, making the visibility easier for the eyesight of the viewers.

♦ Shopping Ads

Short and sweet, attractive and innovative advertisements is what leaves a mark on the targeted audience. With appealing photos and visuals, we market your business in the eyes of the viewers.

Brand Awareness and Media Visibility:

Just like the personality defines the person, brand identity is what, defines the company. Brand is like the image of your company. At PISPL, we help you build a strong brand image that will help you to tell your story out loud to your audience.

With increase in local and global market competition, make your brands visible in the eyes of your consumers by having an online presence. Our Brand Awareness and Media Visibility services will help you reach out to the targeted audience and promote your business on a large scale.

What is Brand Awareness and Media Visibility?

When it comes to brand awareness, brand works like a core identity of the company. Brand awareness includes drawing a picture of your company in the mind of your viewers.

In this diverse market where there are multiple brands for same services, having your name embedded in the audience’s mind requires a unique approach to get connected with the community.

Many factors like effective signage, market research, optimized keywords, visual graphics, fresh content, etc. contribute all together to make a company visible in the customer’s eyes.

Our Services:

PISPL provides you with different sets of our packages that will suit the budget and needs of your company. Under different umbrellas, we provide you with the range of services that will help you build your online presence in the market.

♦ Silver Media Buzz Package:
i. Press Release:

Press release is the most beneficial way where you use the news to reach to your potential audience. We help you in building credibility and likeability amongst your audience in the field of your business by optimization and distribution of your press release at a nominal rate.

ii. Blogging:

Blogging boosts your brand’s visibility by frequently providing your viewers with fresh content. By providing valuable and informative content, we help you establish trust and increase influence within the customers

iii. Developing Website content and graphics:

Your website is the heart of your business. Enhancing visuals and content of your website, we make it look more appealing giving your users a great experience.

iv. Market Research:

Knowing the market, you are investing in, is a very important factor when it comes to expanding your business. Our research team helps you identify your potential competitors and understand your target audience in order to build new business opportunities.

♦ Gold Media Buzz Package:
All the services in Silver Package +
i. Audio Podcast

Taking the media visibility to next level, we introduce our audio podcast service where-in we create an audio podcast to advertise your brand and expand the communication to various platforms.

ii. Video Ad

Convey your brand’s story in an effective way using video ads. We help you create video formats that help you give away a lot of information in a short duration of time. With creative visuals and catchy content, we construct smart campaigns that grab the attention of the large audience.

♦ Platinum Media Buzz Package:
All the services in Gold Package +
i. Presence on Social Media Platforms

In today’s digitalized world, having an online presence on social media has become very crucial for the growth of your business. We ensure that we leave no pages unturned and elevate your brand on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

ii. Social Influencing on Media Platforms

We are well aware of social media influencers. The biggest strength of influencing marketing is that the audience is already present, you just need to establish a partnership with the influencer for the promotion of our company. It is also very beneficial tactic as it presents your brand in front of a fresh audience and thus helps you generate new leads.

Press Release:

Over the years, different ways have been used for boosting SEO and increasing brand visibility in the market. But even today, the most prominent and effective way is with the help of Press Release. PR helps in building trust and credibility for your brand.

Build up your brand reputation on online platforms by increasing your visibility in relevant searches. We are here to help you to grab media’s attention to your brand through press releases. We attract potential customers through PR using the right mode of broadcast and effective content.

PR services are very helpful in the longer run. The more the people know about a brand the more they trust it, and it is more likely for them to choose a known brand over some not well-known brand. At PISPL, we help you in expanding your brand name to every corner of the market and thus, build trust amongst your audience.

Benefits of our Press Release services:

♦ Increase in Media Visibility:

Recognition of your brand makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of your prospects. When your brand is more visible online, your chances of ranking higher on the Google, increases. With thorough market research of your industry and using effective keywords, we ensure maximum optimization for your brand.

♦ Reach Out to Local and National Audience:

Even a little coverage in news can help you elevate your SEO. Thus, we target local as well as national news and reach out to the right audience. We find the perfect media network for your company to attract the target-oriented audience and thus generate more sales.

♦ Increase in Credibility:

We believe in creating PR content for your audience and not just for search engines. Thus, we add the news value to the content that makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of your prospects. With interesting and newsworthy content for press release, we target specific audience and attract potentially interested customers.

♦ Appear in News Results:

One of the benefits of press release is that it increases your visibility on search engines in the new results. If the news publications trust your company, it is more likely for the audience to trust you. Thus, appearing in news results you boost up your trust and loyalty amongst the audience.

♦ Build Links:

Press release is a proven way to increase traffic on your company's site. With the help of backlinks, one can drive the prospects to your website. It often drives potential investors and the corporate sector towards your brand.

SEO Content Marketing:

Tell your story to the audience!

With digitalization, online consumption of content has increased rapidly while retaining the its quality. Search one topic and you will find hundreds of webpages on your search engine results. Thus, it is very challenging for companies to craft content that drives potential customers towards them and also being effective for search engines in order to thrive in the market.

At PISPL, we help you tell your story to the audience with our effective content marketing strategies. Understanding your audience, we focus on the right engaging strategies that will make you an integral member of your market.

Content Marketing is all about optimizing your content for the SEO and using words that will appeal the audience. With strategic creation of texts and visuals, we believe in delivering interesting message to your customers to persuade them into sales.

Why choose us?

♦ Solution to audience's problems

Content marketing is all about understanding what your community wants and giving them that will beneficial for them. It is our job to provide your audience with solutions to their problems and help your business connect better with them.

♦ Strategies for SEO content

We make a distinctive image of your company that speaks into your marketing arena. By identifying your market needs and focusing on your budget we identify the right channels and create strategies that will give you best results.

♦ Increase in click through rate

The ultimate goal of marketing plans is to drive end users to call action that will increase in sales and leads. PISPL constantly engages with the content and focuses on right market channels to ensure higher conversion rates

♦ Keyword Optimization

We determine the popularity of each of your keywords and identify the best words that will boost your visibility. Discovering the language needed for your business, we optimize your content by using right amount of keywords, nothing less, nothing too much.

Our Services:

1) Keyword Research

Research is the foundation of any smart marketing plan. Determine the popularity and competition score of each of your keywords through our content marketing services. It will help you in enhancing your content and ensuring higher ranking in search engine results.

2) SEO Optimized Content Writing

Keeping up with the trends and news, we constantly update your sites and greet your audience with fresh content which is highly relevant to your business. Using vibrant language and writing skills, we create content that stays in your prospects' mind.

3) Meta Description and Headlines

Meta description is the first thing a viewer sees on Google. Having an apt and straight message gives your audience a clarity of what you are presenting. With affective catchy headlines and relevant meta descriptions will help you guide your audience.

4) On site SEO

The content on your page is one of the major factors in determining your ranking on search engines like Google. We increase the relevance and authority of your page by improving your content that will be engaging for your customers and increase your visibility online.

5) Monthly Analysis

By monthly analyzing your campaigns we refine keywords, channels, update content and use real world data to maximize the optimization of your business.

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