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Dubbing and why it works.

Why should you go for dubbing your media?

In this age of intense digital marketisation, one wants information retention. Whatever is it that you are producing, whether a movie clip, animations, advertisements; you would want that to stick with the audience.

And there is no better way to reach out to them than through their native tongue. The same language provides a common ground for your organisation to connect with spectators. Businesses and production houses, all over the globe apply the above tactic. Adapting your substance to the local culture could quickly strike an association with a foreign audience.

However, establishing a reliable bridge, via language is a daunting task in itself. The translated script must be meticulous, the artists able to make up the suitable emotions, the syncing should be flawless and so on.

But you don't have to sweep the internet for all these intricacies. We at Parikh Info Solutions have developed a utopia of the dubbing system.

From e-media transfer, script translation and cultural modifications through talented castings, masterful directing, dialogue recording and post-production, all come under our ambit. Revel in the top dubbing services online.

Have a look at our operations.

We are proud to deliver fast and affordable dubbing services, in a wealth of languages. Setting professional standards with a pool of skilled artists embellished with the latest technology. The voice-overs are well-edited with executive-class programs and software.

We also endow with on hand voice-over and dubbing samples. Choose the best dubbing artists, with the right accent and enunciation!

1. File Transfer:

If the client is interested, they can proceed with the transfer of the concerned media. We encourage our patrons to deliver the file in any format of their liking. We understand the essence of time and don't want to convolute the process. We support dubbing videos for all formats (both audio voice over and video dubbing).

2. Script Preparation:

After our project team receives the e-files, we transfer them to the translation team. Our dubbing agency flaunts a dedicated team, for the in-depth analysis of the video/audio clips. The words and sentences are deciphered and translated. Finally, proofreading to produce the final, flawless script.

3. Casting:

After the script reaches the hands of the directing team, the cast is selected for the suitable role. As a leading dubbing service provider, we have made a habit of carefully handpicking the artists for the required task. It is our utmost priority to deliver the right tone and attitude for the dubbing. We ensure that age, sex and the sound of the speaker are in parallel to the role required.

4. Dubbing:

Now comes the principal part. Our team of masterful artists work under the supervision of experienced directors. Every scene is meticulously rolled, with the artist giving precise dialogue-delivery. The process is usually time-consuming and requires multiple re-takes. But at Parikh Info Solutions, with a veteran team, we have brought this time down by a considerable margin.

5. Editing and Quality Control:

After the voices have been recorded, the editing team works out their magic. Lip Syncing is an inevitable characteristic of our production process. Under any circumstances, we can't allow the voice and the mouthing of the words go unmatched. The volume and pacing settings are also configured here. Any unwanted background sounds are removed, to relish a crystal clear sound-track.

6. Release:

After the team is done with scouring for any errors and detailed matching, the post-production process begins. This is the final step, the media rendered with the apt sound-track to stereo, Blu-ray, DVD files.

We offer our clients comprehensive access to all the above stages of the development. You can review it, test it and customise it suiting to your needs. Add a personalised front to your dubbed projects!

We VS Others. Why do we win?

Scores of dubbing services are swarming the internet. To make up for respectable Indian dubbing services, we have ensured a concise team with modern instruments. We entertain a colossal domain of tongues and vocabularies all across the globe. Dubbing for movies, dubbing for films and series, animations, advertisements and localisation purposes are greeted at our abode.

With fast and economical services, we never relinquish our efforts on quality. We boast of state-of-the-art recording facilities, complete with an arsenal of equipments. Several pro tools and Softwares are employed for strict quality checks. Professional recording studios with proficient direction, to provide gratifying dubbing.

Apart from the technology, we at Parikh Info Solutions have always held faith in native speakers. Besides being skilled in their tongue, they are veterans in delivering the emotion-filled dialogues. Our recording and post-production take place in an acoustically treated, secure studio environment. The final media is consigned to the client without any difficulties.

The syncing of the words, with the ongoing scene, is made perfect. The meaning is upheld with the right words. Our project team spends a decent time, brainstorming and discussing the right choice of words. Our native speakers breathe life into the polished script. The tone and attitude are kept natural and matching to the original speaker. With dubbing artists in a wealth of languages of India and the globe, you can expect a humanistic dubbing experience.

Our Services

With world-class services, with professional accuracy accessible with just a click, we have pacified an enormous client base. Be it the indigenous languages like Hindi, Arabic, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali etc. or the international ones like English, Chinese, French and so on; we have delivered the best dubbing services in every aspect. We make sure the dubbing artist suits the original speaker. Whether it may be the age, gender, tone, pitch and depth of voice; all such criteria undergo strict inspection.

Our services facilitate:

  • Dubbing for Movies (Dubbing for South Indian Movies, English Movies and Foreign Movies)
  • Dubbing for TV Series and Reality Shows
  • Dubbing for Documentaries
  • Dubbing for Animation and Children's Cartoons
  • Dubbing for Theatrical Performances
  • Dubbing for Live-action Scenes and Performances
  • Telephonic Dubbing
  • Commercial Dubbing (Dubbing for Advertisements)
  • Corporate Dubbing
If you have a specific request, feel free to reach out and give us a call:
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Because We care

A richly created dub often focuses on little details, like the involuntary sounds by the speaker and the emotions behind them. Keeping this in mind, we don't casually translate and dub the clips. Instead, we prioritise our attention to cultural norms and traditions. We endorse such elements to make your content feasible and sensitive to indigenous viewers. Dialects, tones, accents; all of them enhance the quality of the dub. Our team nurtures and respects all the diverse customs. And all of that is employed to help you establish an emotional, long-lasting connection with your audience.

What makes us UNIQUE is our revel in the less spoken and rare languages of the country. We dub in old and rare Indian languages such as Sanskrit, Sylheti, Maithili, Konkani, Bodo, Dogri and Santali as well. We adhere to the revered rich heritage of our country. We support every local language and make people thrive, no matter what words they enunciate.

Promise of Confidentiality

We respect the privacy of your work. You can confide with us anytime, for urgent matters. We offer complete access to our clients, at any stage of processing. Our system is wholly transparent to our clients, making us a trustworthy choice.

Our ethical and faithful dubbing artists, directors and translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to keep all material confidential.

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