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Digital software programs are in use throughout the globe. It makes more sense if these are as user-friendly as possible.

Localisation and Internationalisation of your software programs and packages, provides an excellent way to achieve this feat. Put faith in our decades-old expertise to take your digital platforms overseas.

Software Localisation

Why invest in localisation of your software?

Analytically, more than 7000 languages thrive in our world. No more than 4.83% represents the native English users; the rest of them represent a more diverse base of vocabularies. The same goes for application users and software consumers.

If the software is localised suiting to the needs of the users, they will find a natural affection for it. Comprehensive localisation, which covers all the domain of the digital codes, could work wonders for a diversified community.

Localisation and Internalisation are especially crucial for global companies. Global consumers want the same immersive experience as the original versions, with their local-language variants of the programs.

However, precise localisation is more than translating the text for the target audience. It includes graphics customisation, Graphic User-Interface optimisations and all the various elements engineered perfectly, to meet the requirements of the users. But finding a comprehensive localisation platform is quite burdensome.

We are pleased to solve all your localisation needs under one roof. At Parikh Info Solutions, we have dedicated developers integrated with veteran translation teams.

We offer Programmers, Translators and GUI (Graphic User-Interface) Architects, providing extensive project assistance. Endorsing tools such as Github, Python, Django and the like; we acquire the absolute edge in the technical department. We always make our top priority to make the whole experience wholesome, for all the indigenous patrons. Ensuring exhaustive maintenance, we have availed numerous programs and applications to distinct corners of the world.

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Our Workflow

Our project team emphasises on development combined with accurate translations. We endow a localisation platform with skilled editors, supporting multiple formats and designing development constructs, incorporated with efficient translation builds.

1. Analysing the Source Application:

Our project team dwells deep into the original software, after confirmation and receiving it from our client. We inspect and note down the terminologies used and the workflow employed. Appropriate tools are used for the exhaustive study of the application. The glossary for the content is prepared and dispatched to the translation teams.

2. Translation for the Target Audience:

The translating team at work maintains the glossaries created in the above step. The terminologies are meticulously converted to the required language. Technical and lingual assessment occurs side by side. The translatable text and information including those present in the alert windows, wizards, online help modules, menu and dialogue boxes are transformed. Our proficient team translates every single piece of raw data.

3. User Interface Customisation:

This is the most significant step of the entire localisation process. All the UI components are analysed and edited suiting to the indigenous consumers. At Parikh Info Solutions, the complete layout of the parent-software is revamped, including every bit of multimedia.

The content is further distinguished as follows:

  • Currencies and technical units: We switch all the professional units like length, weight and currencies. Also, the dates and addresses are represented in the correct way for the local viewers.
  • Graphics and Multimedia: We pay special attention to the non-translatable pieces at our abode. Our designing team makes sure that your images convey the right meaning in every language. Pictures and symbols are fittingly edited, so they make ample sense and are not offending in any manner. If your application involves videos, we endorse suiting subtitles for enhanced clarity. We ensure that every element of your software is engineered precisely for local needs.
  • Interactive UI Elements: Components like dialogue boxes, alert windows, menus, pop-ups, forms, buttons; are extensively modified here. They are re-sized and made more appealing to the native users. Their functioning is checked, and their text rectified. The content is placed meticulously, the fonts and sizes adjusted; to produce the most seamless experience.
4. Engineering and Rendering:

We now proceed with the post-translation administration in codes of HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, C, C++, JSON, C-Sharp, Java and other machine languages. The translated pieces are now woven together with intricate programming. With a dedicated team of developers and programmers, we assure that everything functions precisely.

Afterwards, the rendering process begins for the software. We ensure that all the facilitated scripts are viewed out properly. The particular language characters are checked to be in place. While the execution of the application, there should be no errors in the script. The characters follow the set instructions; the alignment is flawless with appropriate word breaks and line breaks.

5. Compilation and Testing:

Our team establishes the localised data and resource files into a single module. All the elements are placed at their positions, with impeccable programming settings. The final localised software is then subjected to multiple tests. The functional technical aspects are thoroughly inspected for scouring any flaws. The lingual teams go through all the visible content, for any textual inaccuracies. Your developed software goes under layers of testing and inspection to produce an unblemished product.
Being an MSME registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we provide absolute linguistic and functional quality assurance.

6. Project Delivery:

After strict inspections and quality control sessions, we deliver the finalised software. We present the localised application in any format of your liking. We also provide the convenience of direct download from our online client portal.

Why we lead in this field?

All the users around the world, are looking for an immersive and comfortable experience in handling their software. However, most of the software programs are designed in universal languages like English. People could work with software after the requisite training and understanding the workflow language. But despite that, nothing beats the familiarity of a localised application.

The intimacy with the native language makes the software operation mesmerising. Stats show us that people tend to buy those digital products, which offer local adaptations. Now, doing a full-scale revamp of your software could be exorbitant. But with our expertise of first-class developers and master translators, you can achieve this feat at extremely competitive rates!

At all the stages of development, we offer extensive progress and review reports to our clients. At any point, they can alter and personalise the process, suiting to their needs. Our crew proudly boasts of a 100% transparent workflow with chief harmony with our patrons.

Mastery over User Interface

Customizing the UI with efficient codes and enhancing cultural exposure; is our topmost priority. We put ample research in the ethnic department, capturing every little detail to please the local communities.
UI transformation is the backbone for the globalisation of your softwares. At Parikh Info Solutions, after dedicating years to this field, we have perfected the skill of moulding the UI according to indigenous needs.

We cover every aspect of UI; interactive content, string allocations, adjusting the designs and layouts and similar features.

For instance; in languages such as Arabic, content is read from right-to-left, so we ensure that the software supports such exclusive features.

With our developers and programmers on the backend, the precise functioning of all these elements is guaranteed. Our translators and interpreters, on the frontend, ensure excellent linguistic and cultural context. With such a brilliant combination, you can expect top localisation services and maintenance at the most reasonable costs.

Gaining the edge with Internalisation

Internalisation is the process to make the localisation procedure uncomplicated and smoothly deploy international attributes.

Simply saying, it supports the code for incorporating regional and local scripts. We endorse predefined localisation data and characteristics, from established libraries and directories.

Internalisation is a fundamental step for localising your software to multiple languages, without expensive engineering.

  • We make the mechanism of localisation easier by designing and developing the application to suit multilingual needs. Our project team takes care of rendering of characters in various languages, string concatenation by using Unicode during development.
  • Using CSS, to support vertical text or other non-Latin typographic features. We also fully support bidirectional texts like Arabic for ease of operation.
  • We make sure to separate the localisable content from the source code. In this way, our programmers and translators could work independently. Thus, we increase the efficiency and reduce the time in developing multi-ethnic software programs.

With our touch of Internalisation, software programs could be easily modified for various languages and regions, without complex and expensive engineering techniques. Our workflow makes the sketching of the original software effortless, in whatever language it may be.

Why Our Internalisation Services?
  1. Vastly reduce the cost of redesigning every layout.
  2. Striking out font problems and script allocations errors for all languages.
  3. Design layouts to fit the stylistic preferences of various cultures.
  4. Adopting Standard writing conventions to give the most natural experience.
  5. Upholding cultural sensitivity by adapting the complete UI.

Promise of Confidentiality

We respect the privacy of your work models. You can confide with us anytime, for urgent matters. We offer complete access to our clients at any stage of processing. Our system is wholly transparent to our clients, making us a trustworthy choice.

Our ethical and faithful programmers, developers and translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to keep all material confidential.

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