Transcription Service

Transform your multimedia to definitive text

What does transcription mean?

Precisely speaking, translating and transforming digital data like videos and audios to written text.

We at Parikh Info solutions have perfected the job of metamorphosing audio and speech to text files. We are a multi-business transcription company at your service.

How do we operate?

To begin with, we entertain both audio and video files. Audio to text and video to text, both come under our ambit.

To make the process easy and smooth, we encourage our clients to upload their files in any desired format. We support a multitude of formats, for we don't want you to limit yourself at any step.

We make our sole duty to protect the contents of your private data. The corresponding files could be swiftly transferred via mail and FTP. After our Project team has received the files, they forward it to the concerned transcribing team; based on the language and type of the content.

How do we treat your Files?

The crude, non-edited files we receive are generally full of unwanted noise. Inadvertent sounds like background noise, cross-lapping of two speakers and high frequencies always creep in.

But with experience and thanks to the top editors, we meticulously remove the deplorable sounds and voices. What is left is the crystal-clear audible files which proceed to the transcribing team.

We are proud to say that our transcriptionists are among the apex in their field. We hold an adamant belief that experts, who have a concrete command on a language for a majority of their lives, could deliver the best results. The content is thoroughly analysed and then prepared to develop into the corresponding text.

Unmatched Accuracy

Speech recognition software on the Internet, commonly has an error rate of nearly 12% when transcribing conversational speech, compared to an average human transcriptionist error rate of 4%.

At Parikh Info Solutions, we strive to offer highest possible quality with the lowest error rate.

With dedicated and passionate teams, we guarantee absolute precision. Upon layers and layers of strict inspection, we offer no windows for errors. Parikh Info Solutions has been a leading figure in transcriptional services.

It's no idle boast that we are one of the best ONLINE transcription services in 2020. Our enhanced, modernised proofreading mechanism has claimed invaluable success.

At every level, our masters keep a stern vigil at the development process. Get precise conversion with highest accuracy for your files.

Don't be the same. Be better with us!

With years of valuable experience and a responsive, reliable taskforce; we have come a long way. We acknowledge the different needs of our clients and strive to give unparalleled results.

We believe in human and native transcription. Speech to text, audio to text software has surfaced on the web. However, the translations are often inaccurate, and the practices behind the internet are shady.

Presence of Strong accents and Dialects: Obviously, having a distinct pronunciation or thick voice is not unusual. Thus, in such scenarios having human expertise is the best option. Native speakers and experts easily understand such differences and provide terrific results.

What differentiates us from other platforms is accessibility at all stages. Our team has made it possible for the users to access the documents as required. We offer all possibilities for customisation and gaining our client's consent. The text file undergoes various inspections and quality-check tests, to point out any blemish.

We also provide with personalised Timestamps. Timestamps allow the user to select the time frame for which the conversion to the text should take place. The editors for our customers offer 10sec, 30sec up to 1min timestamps. Choose the most appealing settings, and you are good to go!

Supported Media

For videos, we facilitate- Youtube and Vimeo links, AAC, ACT, AIFC, AIFF, AMR, APE, AU, CAF, DCT, DVS, FLAC, OGG, M4A, MP2, MP3, UPC, MSV, QCP, RA/RM, SHN, SPX, VOC, VOX, WAV, WMA, 3G2, 3GP, ASF, AV1, DivX, DV, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV and many more.

For audio, we support: AAC, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA and many more.

Get your text files in PDF Format or standard .txt files. As simple as it sounds!

Time VS Quality? Why not both!

Many people on the internet ask: 'How long does it take to transcribe?' and 'How accurate is transcribing?' Both of the questions have significant value in the corporate arena. At Parikh Info Solutions, we work hard to sustain the answers to such questions.

The average person can transcribe one audio hour in about 4 hours. For professional transcriptionist, the average time to transcribe one audio hour ranges from 2-3 hours.

And all this WITHOUT compromising the quality of the text. We pay attention to the little details and focus on the word to word translation.

Enter Verbatim Transcription.

Most of our competitors focus solely on online transcription, audio to text. They then advance through, producing robotic, algorithmic conversions.

Obviously, such transcriptions don't capture the essence of the situation.

For particular scenarios like legal interrogations, interviews, court meetings; we must know the mood and theme of the scene.

Subtle voices made by the person like grunts, stutters, the pronunciation of the words, utter and such sounds; describe the tension in the air.

We try to capture all these minute details. Even the deliberate pauses, uhs and the ahems don't escape our transcribers. The corresponding text is designed with these things in view. The resulting document is highly detailed, giving the complete perspective of the scene. Such comprehensive transcribing is needed in such fields, and we never fail to deliver them.

Our association excels in Verbatim Transcription, apprehending the speech technology.

What makes us Stand Out?

With similar platforms flooding the internet, we claim to be one of the Best Online Transcription Services. We have achieved this auspicious rank through supreme dedication and zeal towards the industry.

We offer our online services in a wealth of languages.

Transcription service in numerous Indic languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, and Oriya, are available.

What makes us UNIQUE is our revel in the less spoken and rare languages of the country.

We transcribe in old and rare Indic languages such as Sanskrit, Sylheti, Maithili, Konkani, Bodo, Dogri and Santali, as well.

We adhere to the revered rich heritage of our country. We support every local language and make people thrive, no matter what words they enunciate.

Our Transcription Services:

We undertake transcription services for numerous industries. Professional medical transcriptions, Education transcribing for students, confidential transcribing for business purposes, transcription training and much more. We are a mutli-purpose business transcription company, based in Mumbai. Our crew delivers affordable and fast transcriptions.

Major sectors we cover:
  • Law and Court Dates
  • Education
  • Religious
  • Interviews and Interrogation
  • Speeches and Public Speaking
  • Government and Political
  • Phone Calls
  • Financial
  • Digital
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • General Trends and Affairs
  • Research
  • Seminars

We realise how paramount it is to develop the text, precisely matching to the audio file. Industries like education, law, engineering and medical fields are very complicated.

For the purpose of exact translation, we prophesize in requisite research. Our teams are occupied in studying different niches, to get the complete overview of the media. Tough topics need proper study and prior experience. We always make sure that the process lies in the hands of an expert.

Promise of Confidentiality

We respect the privacy of your work. You can confide with us anytime, for urgent matters. Our system is wholly transparent to our clients, making us a trustworthy choice.

Our ethical and faithful audio typists, transcriptionists and translators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to keep all material confidential. We are happy to sign additional non-disclosure agreements if required.

Benefits Of Working With Us

100% Human-Generated Transcripts
Exceptional Quality Assurance
Flexible Pricing Options
99% Accuracy
File format Compatibility
Fast Turnaround
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