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Being the leading giants in the translation services, we offer yet another, unparalleled commitment. Revel in our best online Voice-Over services.

Our team has worked day and night to produce the epitome of narration and commentary services. We welcome you to onboard.

About Voice-over

Everyone has witnessed a beautiful scene, embellished with excellent commentary. Narration or off-camera voice-over, adds the requisite depth to the stage. It helps the audience grasp the current ongoing. With majestic views unfolding before the eyes, the deep, calming voice just sets the mood!

We at Parikh Info Solutions, have toiled for years and have perfected the right formula for impeccable dialogue delivery.

Join Hands with the Top Voice-Over Providers

Our crew flaunts of one of the best voice-over artists and actors; the industry has to offer. We cover a plethora of languages, and our artists accompany well in their prefered language. Besides having native speakers, we also have experienced narrators with several years dedicated to the industry.

Our team acknowledges the need for unblemished delivery. We make sure that our professional voice-over artists have the apposite accent for the job. We always aim that the voice-over is precise, befitting to the media both in grammar and style.

Off-stage or off-camera voice-overs is a demanding job. Unlike other digital services, the concerned artists have to be in the top shape. We keep a complete track of our professional voice actors and guarantee the best results.

For consistency, our voice-over team indulges in regular practice sessions, with proper diction, pronunciation and modulation. Our experts have outstanding stamina in this virtue. In simpler words, when the script is long, many artists will falter, tiring by the end. This makes the commentary sluggish and lack-lustre.

However, our crew ensures that the concerned team is getting ample practice and rest for impeccable performance. Exclusive care is provided to our artists, so they don't damage their vocal cords-which produce that recognisable mellifluous voice.

All your needs fulfilled with just a click.

We have kept the required process as swift and smooth as possible. Our clients can easily share the script with us via mail and FTP. After receiving the documents, the project team proceeds with assigning the concerned voice-over team for off-camera production and dialogue creation.

You get ready-to-go recordings, to use however you want.

Unlike other platforms, we offer complete transparency to clients. Accordingly, we encourage our clients for reviews and work with their assent. The finalised voice-over is analysed and checked with the script for any mismatch.

Providing our invaluable customers with essential, quality-rich service has become our motto. Adhering to different needs, we also support diverse and unique voice-overs.

We entertain age-specific voice-over for specific needs.

  • Teen (13-17) Male/Female
  • Young Adult (18-34) Male/Female
  • Middle Aged (35-54) Male/Female
  • Senior (55+) Male/Female

With different ages, we also put on various moods and characteristics.

Like, when you need a voice to add authority, the right tone is key to setting up your project for success. A deep voice is one that is in demand and can be thunderous or have deep brassy tones. Selecting a deep voice will add clout and professionalism to your project, attracting your audience and creating an overall believable feel.

Other Characteristics we excel in:


Our narration artists have a fabulous command over the language, and they know how to deliver the dialogue. With the right tone and the speaker, you can fill even the dullest video full of life. Hire the top voice-over artists, at never seen before affordable rates.

Why Our Voice-Over is Better?

Numerous freelance artists/actors claim to provide incredible performance. However, they rely on subtle and primitive equipment to achieve the feat. Not to mention, they don't have a validated record, to prove their authenticity.

We at Parikh Info Solutions, have a corroborated record of excellence. For your satisfaction, we provide ample of voice-over samples. Our team has occupied itself with years of voice-over training, honing their skills. Complete with professional recording studios and modern equipment, which is leagues better than a mediocre 'home recording equipment.

We want our clients to have the edge over their competitors with superior quality. Unlike other platforms, we represent a professional voice-over website, with native and expert narrators. We entertain a variety of requests, for which we have a diversified arsenal of talented professionals.

Indian male voice-over artists, Female voice-over artists; with natural Indian accents. Our skilled and professional team, inspects the end product multiple times, scouring for any errors.

We don't hold confidence in 'cheap and fast' services. If the processing is rushed over, the results will never meet the expectations.

Our committed team always keeps the time at top priority, but we never mess up with the quality.

Hire top voice-over/narration artists at extremely affordable rates, right now!

Our services

We cover a multitude of industry requirements, ranging from commercial voice-overs to masterful narration projects. Our state-of-the art recording studios ensures that you get those professional standards on your voice-overs. Hire the top voice-over artists, off-stage narrators and off-camera voice producers. Revel in a wealth of languages and choose what suits you the most!

We facilitate the following genres:

Voice-Over for Animations
Voice-Over for Apps
Voice-Over and Narrations for Audiobooks
Voice-Over and Narrations for Commercials
Voice-Over and Narrations for Corporate Sectors
Voice-Over and Narrations for Documentaries & Films
Voice-Over and Narrations for E-learning Projects
Voice-Over for Impersonations
Voice-Over for Inspiration & Meditation videos
Voice-Over and Commentary for Medical purposes
Voice-Over for Podcasts
Voice-Over and Narrations for Promos
Voice-Over and Narrations for Religious & Spiritual content
Voice-Over and Narrations for Tours (Interactive tours)
Voice-Over and Narrations for Video Games

If you have any other specific requirement, Give us a call! We would be happy to oblige.

Our voice-over services are recorded in 44.1 kHz | 48 kHz | 88.2 kHz | 96 kHz & 192 kHz administered for broadcast quality in a fast & reliable process. You can customise your project according to your requirements, set your personalised parameters. Our team includes professional sound engineers & producers who have experience in narrations, commentary, films and serials and several other industries.

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Our Word

Parikh Info Solutions have presented a front for affordable and professional voice-over services. Our voice producers have meticulous command over their language. They possess the essential skills to imbue the desired emotions in their speech. Our voice-over talent is unmatched, which has awarded us, countless faithful investors. With both Indian and International artists, we bestow you the top online video voice-over services.

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