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Information retention. Entertaining clients of every background. That's what the whole world is looking after. Make your websites localized to the requirements of indigenous viewers. Attract new traffic like never before, with our expertise!

An excellent blueprint to substantially grow your business; is making it accessible to a variety of public. Striking a connection at the very fundamental level of language could work wonders for your work. Transforming websites, from translating text to revamping multimedia, to nurture community requirements.

Have a look:
72% of customers give preference to websites in their native language.
Website visitors are four times more likely to purchase from a website in their language.

Surprising, isn't it? Simply saying, viewers all across the globe will give a higher preference to the content of their language.

As a matter of fact, a fifth of web users speak Chinese; an 8% speak Spanish. Disappointingly, not even a 5% provide for the Spanish users, a mere 2% for the Chinese. What this means is that the majority of the net users have no choice but to opt for content in foreign vocabularies. In today's era, we can't compromise ourselves to target a limited set of viewers. With Parikh Info Solution's genius of localisation strategies, you can advance your career into overseas markets and welcome new opportunities. With multilingual websites, we can propel your business to new customers, caring for their culture and customs as well.

Taking localisation to a new level.

Localisation is a colossal front to take on. Just translating text to local languages, never does the job. All the minor details have to be kept in mind. The correlation between the programmers for the website and the translators for the content has to be meticulous. Just because your website is easily accessible over the Internet, doesn't mean people will always buy it. People don't like talking to robots.

Plain and boring information in alien words would never deliver your motto.

Changing "Women shoes" to "女鞋" (women shoes in Chinese) on isn't enough.

Our dedicated team has made a habit of being culturally sensitive. Apart from revamping the media on your page, we make sure to add elements of native customs. This would make the experience more humanistic.

Using the best website localisation tools, with a passionate team of developers and translators, you can rely on us. Gain a competitive edge, by tendering to exotic patrons and their needs. For this, you'll need different language and regional versions of your website that operate and talk like a native, locally and appealingly.
Now you can't rely on Google translator for this, can you?

How do we operate?

We strive to make the entire process as smooth as possible. Website localisation involves two teams: The developers for the website and The Translators for the content. The concord between the two teams is essential for delivering a decisive final product. The harmony between human expertise and automated software, go hand in hand to provide rich material with utmost accuracy.

After constructing your business needs and target languages, our project team will coordinate with you to create a comprehensive project plan and workflow.

1. Analysis of content:

Our team on first-hand, goes on a detailed inspection of the content offered by the client-website. Each topic with headings, subheadings, highlighted words and bullets are noted down. The format is analysed, and translatable text is recorded.

The content is further organised in the following criterion:

Graphics and Multimedia: Images, audios and videos too require localisation. We can't allow the text to be in one language while the image accompanying it, is in another. Thus our professionals make sure the media is modified accordingly. Suitable subtitles for videos, while matching captions for the image. Concisely, the viewers should be able to interpret the meaning of that media. Check out our captioning services for the better insight! Subtitling Service

Currencies and technical units:

Conspicuous to say, we don't want the customers to do the math for converting the cost of products. All the professional units like length, weight and currencies are switched. Also, the dates are represented in the correct way for the local viewers.

Feedback forms and alert messages:

Again, you don't want to contact your patrons in a foreign language. Asking the viewers for invaluable feedback in their own words is a proven tactic. Our translation team will make sure, to provide with their translated equivalents.

2. Using appropriate terms and glossary.

Using word to word translations won't produce the expected result. The correct terminology and vocabulary are needed for every language. The execution is supervised by the project team thoroughly. The native translators are briefed with the details of particularities. Since we are a veteran localisation agency, the processing goes under strict inspection. The translated content and multimedia are proofread, leaving no windows for errors.

3. A comprehensive overview, on-click progress check for the clients.

Distributing localisation practices has taught us the value of client-feedback. Unlike other competitors, we have always offered a complete progress review to our patrons. At any point in time, you can check out the processing and make personalised changes. Make lingual connections, on your terms and stylings. Build a strong customer rapport with our touch of expertise!

4. Final localisation Testing

Before inaugurating the completed website to the web, we run through the last checks. The site is thoroughly inspected by the project team, to scour for any blemishes. Clarifying all region-specific localisations, including vocabulary and multimedia.

Technical Inspections include:

  • Encryption algorithms
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Names, time, date, weights, measurements.
  • Entry fields and Hyperlinks
  • Image appropriateness
  • Broken strings/design
  • Form functionality
  • Shopping basket and item lists
  • Load time (A vital part for any e-site)

Linguistic testing includes:

  • Spelling errors, wrong use of words, punctuation errors
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Presence of culturally insensitive elements
  • Inappropriate texts
  • Misuse of keywords
  • Readability and appeal of the message
  • Any unstranslated, raw piece

You can entirely rely on us when it comes to finalisation. Revel into the best website localisation services online!

We take localisation seriously. Conquer the world with our genius.

With years dedicated to the verbal industry, we have perfected the formula to curate decisive content. Using website localisation tools with master native speakers, we aid professions to go global. At the same time, we ensure that your content is abiding cultural compassion.

Translations put out by Google Translation will never suffice. The very fundamentals of a heritage, can't be deciphered by an AI.

We at Parikh Info Solutions have recognised the need for natural content delivery, unlike the word to word robotic translation.

Taking a look at the stats:
72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their language
72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their language.
This is a simple yet clear indication, as to why localisation is essential to enter global markets.

Getting the edge with Regional SEO

Whatever it is, that we search in Google, might be different on another search engine, on a different language. For instance: "Vacation Accessories" will sound good for an American user. For a British customer, "Holiday Supplies" will be a better fit. SEO localisation is a crucial aspect to cover, before entering foreign markets. For maximum efficiency, we abhor the exact translation of keywords.

In China, people surf on Baidu. In Russia, searches are most prevalent on Yandex. Thus, not only the terms vary, but even the search engines are also different. Hence, we certify the use of appropriate keywords, optimised for foreign vocabularies and search engines. To facilitate region-specific keywords, our experts perform an in-depth analysis. They will provide with apposite keywords which not only suit the global preferences but also match with local engines.

The localisation of SEO is an irrefutable factor of website translation. We always take into account that ample research is conducted on different platforms, to comprehend search practices. We examine the search-demands of the local search engines, using analytical tools to get the best localised keywords.

We are also mindful of revamping the metadata and the external links, to make it SEO friendly.

Linguistic testing includes:

  • URL localisation: Making URLs user friendly, which can be interpreted by the communities.
  • Title translation: Befitting titles, describing the products/services in local vocabularies.
  • Description translation: Comprehensive translation by native experts, striking the exact connection.
  • Keyword localisation: Localised keywords for a wealth of languages, for individual search engines.

Following all local internet protocols and regulations.
Apart from designing the content befitting for an indigenous audience, we make sure it's legally abiding. Foreign markets have their own set of rules and web authorities. Thus, it' our responsibility to keep the content well within the legal boundaries. Making the website secure and sensitive to the target viewers is our topmost priority.

Promise of Confidentiality

We respect the privacy of your work. You can confide with us anytime, for urgent matters. We offer complete access to our clients at any stage of processing. Our system is wholly transparent to our clients, making us a trustworthy choice. Our ethical and faithful web developers, translators and project supervisors are bound by a non-disclosure agreement to keep all material confidential.


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