Considerations for Using Professional Subtitling Services

You will need to cater to a variety of customers, mostly a global clientele, as your firm grows. You need a simple means to communicate with audiences, regardless of their location or language. A potent method of reaching a worldwide online audience is video marketing. You can expand your reach simply by adding subtitles when your video library is used in conjunction with effective marketing strategies. A wider reach, increased revenue, and a larger client base will also result in benefits like better lead generation and higher customer engagement. This article explains the importance of cost-effective subtitling solutions for the expansion of contemporary businesses.

Why Subtitling is Important for Modern Business Growth

  • Increasing Market Share

Consider using a notable subtitling plan to reach prospective new clients if you have identified a vacuum in the global market and are eager to fill it. Even locally, you’d probably be surprised by the number of people who spend most of their time speaking a language other than your own. Having the right subtitle plan in place can increase your reach. You may reach real customers by presenting your message about your product and business by using subtitling services that are created with consideration for your target demographic.

  • 80% of People Who Watch Subtitles Aren’t Even Hard of Hearing

According to analysis, there are about 700 million hearing-impaired people in the world. Subtitles must be provided in a variety of formats by law in several nations. They are not the only ones who benefit from subtitled videos, though. According to statistics, 80% of people who use subtitles have normal hearing. Why do they watch subtitled videos? Many claimed to have watched subtitled videos with speakers with strong foreign accents. Others benefit from reading alone because they are themselves non-native language learners.

  • Increased Accessibility To The Content

Video content is not accessible to everyone worldwide. Numerous users struggle with hearing loss. With the help of subtitles, hearing-impaired and deaf persons can access your content. Most importantly, subtitles ought to be sufficiently comprehensive. In most cases, signatures replace sound. It is crucial to provide information on par with that of regular listeners. For foreigners, video subtitles are a crucial element.

  • Boosts Consumption

Your firm will be able to reach a sizable portion of the audience by translating your content and employing subtitles. This is because more individuals can comprehend and absorb the content. Increased sales are inevitable as more people become aware of what your company does. Reaching persons who are hard of hearing globally is another benefit of subtitles. This expands the audience that can be interested in and consume your material.

  • To Safeguard Your Global Brand

Not speaking the local language when conducting business in a foreign market has several disadvantages. Professionals also pointed out that you would be severing profitable revenue streams. Additionally, if you are not the one conducting the conversation, someone else may be.

  • Support For Foreigners

More than once, you may have noticed that there are subtitles available in other languages. Naturally, your audience will grow as you give additional subtitles in more languages. To embrace every language spoken on earth is an extremely difficult and completely pointless task. In essence, the video will be accessible to individuals who know it if professional subtitles in the video’s native tongue are provided. The best-case scenario is to do this with the subtitles. It is available to a variety of audiences and is international.


Subtitles translation for video content is a huge benefit. You have much greater audience interaction, adaptability, and accessibility in this approach. Whatever the cause, having excellent subtitles creates a more effective experience and raises viewer engagement. Tridindia offers its devoted customers high-quality subtitling solutions. Many businesses have benefited from our cost-effective subtitling solutions by improving their localization and building a strong brand.


Subtitle Services: What Are the Challenges?

You cannot cut corners with your video material if you want to reach a worldwide audience. You should never undervalue the significance of subtitle translation, especially when you are aiming for international audiences.

You can advertise your video material despite language difficulties in various parts of the world by translating the subtitles. You can reach your target audience quickly and effectively, convey your message, and inspire emotion.

Nevertheless, it is simpler to say than to translate your video material. To provide content nativity, you must not just translate the words; you must also pay attention to the cultural nuances. Of course, you’ll provide subtitles in their language so they can read along with the video material.

In addition, subtitling services create subtitles for videos, allowing you to translate your subtitles into a variety of languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and more.

Listed below are some of the difficulties you could run into when attempting to translate your video clip:

Word-to-word translation

Adapting subtitles precisely is not recommended, as it is with any translation. Almost always, a literal translation will be unintelligible. In the beginning, some words or expressions might make sense in one language but are entirely incorrect in another. Since the subtitles would be considered too long for the screen if they were translated word for word, it is also necessary to keep the wording as brief as possible.

Cutting back on words

There are many restrictions that linguists must follow while translating subtitles. The standard for translations is two lines of subtitles, with a maximum of 70 characters required for both lines. These rigorous guidelines necessitate careful translation, where some words must be sacrificed, and sentences must be fully reconstructed to maintain the same original content.

Observing time constraints

The minimum and maximum lengths of a subtitle are typically one and six seconds, respectively. Keeping to time constraints while translating goes hand in hand with cutting down on word count. To keep up with time constraints, linguists must make sure the language is succinct, concise, and rapid. They should precisely time their appearance to coincide with the speaker’s on-screen speaking. This can lead to a messy, embarrassing failure if done incorrectly, with the subtitles placed at an inappropriate moment and without matching the speaker.

Using the right vocabulary

The linguist needs to be familiar with the speech patterns of each speaker in the movie before beginning a subtitle translation. For instance, an elderly woman speaks differently to a young boy, and the Queen employs different language and expressions than a factory worker. To guarantee that you are appropriately expressing the speaker’s age, status, and personality, the appropriate language, words, and sentence structuring must be employed.

Absence of visual material

Sometimes we get subtitles without the accompanying visual material. We acknowledge this, yet some challenges arise. It is difficult to discern timing and spacing and identify speakers when there is no corresponding video or movie with the subtitle file. For a quality subtitle translation to be produced, the audio, visual, and subtitles must all work in perfect harmony with one another.


Fun challenges are accompanied by subtitle translation. The viewers will become less interested in watching your film if you can’t overcome such obstacles. By boosting the subtitle translation quality, you can get the most out of your video material and draw in more foreign viewers. And also, speaking with qualified subtitling companies and with experience in subtitle translation, you can achieve that. 


Get The Best Professional Subtitling Services Online

Language boundaries are no longer an issue in the modern entertainment industry. The diversity of languages is no longer a problem thanks to technological advancements because there are now many ways to communicate. Through proficient translation services, subtitling services ought to be able to transform ideas into reality and facilitate communication. 

Let’s discuss in detail some professional subtitling services in usa in this article.

What are Subtitles?

All of the dialogue in a video is contained in timed onscreen subtitles. Although subtitles are frequently used in foreign films, they can also be used for a variety of other things. Although they can be helpful for listeners with limited access to sound, they are not advised for deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences as they frequently lack sound effects, speaker identifications, and other subtleties needed for listeners with limited access to audio content.

Why choose Subtitling Services?

Video subtitles are not the same as closed captions or subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing; they are created to increase access to video Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). Subtitling services are a useful tool for search engine optimization in addition to offering video accessibility. English subtitles can be translated into other languages to reach a bigger worldwide audience, making them ideal for usage in commercials or promotional videos.

Below is some of the best subtitle software for freelancer subtitling service providers:

Subtitle Edit

A free, open-source video subtitle editor is called Subtitle Edit. Google Translate is used for translation and subtitling services. You can split and combine subtitles using Subtitle Edit, as well as convert SubRip files to other formats and read Matroska file subtitles. All of this information is crammed into a confusing user interface, but it’s worth it because the tool is extremely effective and cost-free.

  1. Open Subtitle Editor

The.NET Framework is used instead of Java by Open Subtitle Editor since it is open-source. Its subtitling services can be used without the.NET Framework version 4 or later. Because Windows Media Player is necessary for the software to operate, it can only be used with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

       2. Subtitle Workshop

Several languages are available for accessing the user-friendly interface of Subtitles Workshop. You can build an interface that enables you to work in the most effective workflow possible by adjusting its timing and text manipulation capabilities to your exact specifications. Subtitle Workshop allows you to quickly establish durations, change lines, check the spelling, and automate frame-per-second changes. It provides a wide variety of automatic and manual tools for spotting, highlighting, and fixing timing and text issues.

        3. Aegisub

For Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX users, Aegisub offers subtitling services. With its integrated audio waveform viewers, the software makes it even simpler to accurately time your subtitles files. Additionally, a live preview is provided to make sure everything seems as it should. You can customize and change subtitles in a variety of ways with this free program.


To conclude, there are many different tools for freelancers to use when editing subtitles. To choose the best alternative for online subtitling services, you may need to take into account the simplicity of use, standout features, and format it supports.

Professional subtitling offers services to individuals, businesses, broadcasters, on-demand video service providers, and video producers worldwide. Their rates are affordable, and they offer a flexible approach to subtitling via which one may operate under pressure and with a variety of subtitle formats.


Translate Subtitles Like a Pro

With time you can see an explosion of social media videos on the internet. This is one of the best ways to spread a lot of information to people on a large scale. Nowadays, people rely a lot on visual material, so you need to publish all your videos so that a large chunk of the audience can understand what is happening in the video. Some video makers have started putting subtitles in their videos so that even if the audience cannot understand the languages used in videos, they can still read subtitles and have a better understanding. Nowadays, subtitles translation is something that is in demand.

Suppose you are interested to know how these subtitles are translated. Here are some ways you can make your pro in this. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Line length and reading speed: The average word and sentence length may vary between different languages. Whenever you are translating the subtitles, you need to make sure to keep an eye on the sentence length. This might help the person translate the subtitles without committing many errors. Carefully work on translations and keep things short and more meaningful.
  • Subtitle translation structure: Different grammatical rules and sentence structures exist in different languages. Whenever you are translating subtitles, make sure to stick to the target language. This will help in keeping the meaning of the video intact properly. Use universally recognized words so that it is easier for the audience to understand them well. Make sure the subtitles need to be synced with the video well if you want that to be meaningful.
  • Translation and localization: Translation is a kind of art that requires time and patience to master it. Although there are many translation software available in the market, their users always say that translation, even that, is not an easy process. The subtitle translation will require an advanced level hold on both languages in which it needs to be translated to and from. Such translation service providers need to properly understand the beliefs, ideas, and even expectations of the target audience. This will be one of the best ways to provide the best results in the long run.

If you want to be good at subtitle translation, you need to have the proper support for the file that needs to be translated. Another thing is a better understanding of multiple languages. Nowadays, much work is done through software, and it still requires some finishing touches to provide the best results. Many subtitling companies are coming up in the market that provides the best services regarding subtitles for videos. If you want the best services, look for a company with good experience in this field. Once you hire the best subtitle services, you can get the attention of more audiences. 



How To Add Captions Or Subtitles To A Video

The subtitles services provider assists you in this by helping you understand the speed of the images and how organically the subtitles should be placed next to them. The subtitling service company provides the same to ensure cutting-edge software, perfect time synchronization, and motion graphics. A simple and intelligent solution for all multimedia genres. Among the most varied linguistic knowledge is all the lovely tongues used for stage performances, Television shows, online series, marketing films, and e-learning. Several businesses are prepared to supply subtitles for your content; nevertheless, the ideal localized subtitling service considers area specificities.

Diverse stuff

Movies, TV series, webinars, explainer videos, e-learning programs, marketing videos, and a wide range of other video content formats are all eligible for subtitling services from Parikh Info. Regardless of the project type, the team can deliver professional video subtitling translations that are suited to your requirements, will help you reach a larger audience, and it will effectively convey your message.

Fluency in language

Subtitles are preferred by almost 91% of the viewers are preferred. When a conversation is delivered fast or in a wide range of accents, the listener could have problems following it. Subtitle translation helps the audience understand the material in these situations. The r dedicated group of native language experts offers subtitles & video subtitles. one promises to provide professional video subtitling services that are both reasonable and of good quality.

Individual services

In addition to providing excellent video subtitling services in India, Parikh Info Pvt Ltd. provide complete customization. You have a wide range of customization choices, including the option of font style, colour, size, & opacity. Providers will provide you with the files at every step of the process so you may study and assess them for in-depth analysis and total transparency on the side. As a service to the sector, companies provide subtitle translations in several formats. Making the best format decision will be straightforward for your business.

Public participation

Videos online with subtitles enable improved user interaction and engagement. When viewing a movie in a busy space, subtitles might be a godsend for spectators. With the help of video subtitling services, the viewers will be kept interested by the conversation that is included in the movies. The team works hard to provide the clients with the best subtitling services available in India at a fair price, quickly, and with the lowest difficulty.

With the help of video subtitles, you can grab viewers’ attention and reach more people. The use of subtitling services enables communication with consumers in their native tongue. The present social media trend demonstrates the increased need for auditory and visual information. To sell and promote their products and services to something like a larger audience, brands may profit from its help.

Adding captions and subtitles to your videos is now simple. You may not be acquainted with adding a new step to the video creation process. Still, captions help you reach a larger audience, increase the value of your investment, and get more individuals to begin watching your films. Making sure your audience can quickly access your fantastic stuff is simple, whether you perform it yourself before exporting, hire a service, or use an auto-transcription application.


What Are The Benefits Of Adding Subtitles To Your You tube Videos?

According to trusted studies, it has been stated that the second most visited search engine is YouTube. Many people visit this platform just to get a lot of knowledge that they probably won’t have. It is a great platform which is stating all the information in a video format. People can easily watch videos to just enhance their level of knowledge among them. Even in videos, it is very important to get video subtitling. Even if the person doesn’t understand the language in the video, they can easily read the subtitles to understand it well.  

There are multiple reasons for adding subtitles to your YouTube Videos. Some of them are given below:

  • Search Engine Optimization: The use of the appropriate subtitles will help in making your YouTube video text very searchable. You all might be aware of the concept of SEO which has gained a lot of attention from many companies in the market. The content creator needs to caption the YouTube video correctly. The subtitles and even the title of the video are something that can either increase the visibility of the video in the market.
  • Provides viewer flexibility: Sometimes, the environment of the person is not favorable to the sound of the video. If the YouTube video comes with proper subtitling, it will provide the person with prover leverage to watch the video anytime anywhere. The viewer can read the subtitles and understand what the video I about and gains knowledge from it.
  • Enhances accessibility: Subtitles are something that helps in improving the accessibility of the YouTube video. If you want to convey the message to the audience at large it is better to choose the right subtitles that will help many people properly understand the video and message from it. This is the most correct way to provide many people with access to information on the videos.
  • Improves comprehension: Around the world, most people speak and even understand the English language. No matter the YouTube video is done in whichever language. If the video gets the best subtitles to the video in English, it will be very easy for a lot of people to understand the video. This is one of the most effective ways to improve the comprehension of the video and retain the proper message from the video for all the viewers.
  • Google factor: If the person who is creating content on YouTube is not taking the help of the best titles and subtitles for their videos, it won’t get a lot of views in general. Most people like to look for videos in general. If the titles have some words that are searched on the internet, it can provide with desired results. But if there are no subtitles in the video, you cannot get the attention of the targeted audience.

If you want many people to watch your YouTube videos. Just hire the best video subtitling services so that it is easy for many people to understand the real meaning of the video.


5 reasons you need a video subtitles provider

When video content reaches the largest possible audience, it is most effective. If you don’t invest monetarily in subtitles and their translation, you’re losing out on marketing prospects.

Video marketing is here to stay and has been expanding quickly.

By 2021, 86% of companies will utilise video as a marketing tool, up from 61% in 2016.

There is no denying the popularity of video marketing, therefore if you solely use conventional text-based web content, you are missing out on growth prospects.

Why is using a video subtitle provider important?

An original video in a source language is translated into video subtitles by adding written text in a target language.

The audio of a video, for instance, needs to be transcribed if it was made in English but you wish to use it in French. The subtitles translation text is then included in the video so that viewers who speak the second language may read it.

5 reasons you need a video subtitles provider:-

Subtitling is a crucial component of your marketing video content creation and distribution strategy.

You need subtitles that are accurate representations of the original text while also being appropriately localized for the intended audience. That results in a fantastic viewing experience, which is always the main objective.

1. Optimize for a global audience

Subtitling is a crucial component of your marketing video content creation and distribution strategy.

You need subtitles that are accurate representations of the original text while also being appropriately localized for the intended audience. That results in a fantastic viewing experience, which is always the main objective.

2. Improves the reach of your SEO

A significant component of the world of internet marketing and commerce is search engine optimization. You are actually taking the necessary efforts to broaden the reach of your SEO by having your videos professionally subtitled in a variety of languages. This is due to the fact that subtitled text is one of the numerous aspects of a webpage that search engines examine when determining the best content for any given keyword.

3. Boosts views on your videos

The benefit of subtitles goes beyond expanding the audience for videos. You can add more words to the video content by subtitling. In order to improve the content’s search engine optimization, your chosen professional language service provider, or let’s say subtitling firm, makes use of the opportunity. Subtitles enable search engines to recognise your movie in this way, increasing the number of viewers you may draw in.

4. Reflects the quality of your business

Your business may suffer as a result of poor subtitles. The calibre of the services your business provides to customers should be highlighted in your video material. You can be sure that your material is presented in a professional manner regardless of language by working with a professional solution that specializes in business subtitling for multinational corporations.

5. Puts a different effect on each viewer making the content more understandable

It’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time when creating subtitles for your video content. This implies that you must clearly understand the purpose of your video and the demographics of your intended audience before you begin the actual process of making subtitles. The more thoroughly a subtitler comprehends the film and the overall plan, the more precise and understandable the final product will be.

The value of video subtitling extends beyond merely providing entertainment; they can significantly increase sales. Additionally, it is crucial for educational purposes and the growth of your business. Similar subtitle solutions ensure that your video will be successful by spreading its message to as many people as possible.

Consistency and experience are key factors to consider when hiring a company to provide professional subtitling solutions. For more than 15 years, Parikh Info Solutions has provided companies like yours with the best calibre translation services.


How can an individual add captions or subtitles to a video

To be aware of the pace of the scenes and how naturally the subtitles ought to be positioned beside them, the subtitles service provider helps you in that.  To guarantee modern software, flawless time synchronization, and motion graphics in a video subtitling services provider provides the same. For all multimedia genres, a quick and clever solution. For movies, TV shows, web series, marketing videos, e-learning, and stage performances, one of the most diverse language resources is all the sweet tongues. Several companies are ready to provide subtitles for all your material, the best-localized subtitling service is a consideration for regional nuances.

Customized services 

We the Parikh Info Solutions Pvt ltd. provides total customization in addition to the top-notch subtitling services in India. The desired fonts, color, size, opacity, and a plethora of customization options are yours to select from. For a thorough examination and complete openness on our part, we will email you the files at each stage of the procedure for you to review and evaluate. We offer our subtitle translation in a variety of forms to help the industry. Your company will find it simple to choose the ideal format.

Variety of content

Parikh Info Solutions Pvt ltd. subtitling services are available for a variety of video content types, including movies, TV shows, webinars, e-learning courses, marketing videos, explainer videos, and much more. No matter the project type, the staff can provide a professional subtitles translation that is tailored to your needs and will help you reach a wider audience and accurately deliver your message.

Audience engagement

Better user experience and user engagement are offered by online videos with subtitles. Subtitles can be a literal blessing for viewers when watching a film in a noisy area. By providing dialogue during the films, our video subtitling services will keep the audience engaged. Our staff makes sure to offer our customers premium subtitling services in India at reasonable pricing, with a quick turnaround, and with the least amount of hassle possible.

You may attract viewers’ attention and reach a larger audience by using video subtitling. You can connect with viewers in their local language by using subtitling providers. There is a growing need for audio visual content, as seen by the current social media trend. Brands may benefit from its assistance in marketing and promoting their goods and services to a wider audience.

Language efficiency

Approximately 91% of the audience prefers subtitles, according to the research. The audience may have trouble understanding dialogue when it is spoken quickly or in a variety of dialects. In these cases, subtitle translation aids in information clarification for the audience. We provide closed captions and video subtitles through our devoted team of native language specialists. We guarantee to provide high-caliber and affordable video subtitling services.

Your videos can now easily have captions and subtitles added. While adding a new stage to the video production process may be unfamiliar to you, captions open up your movies to a wider audience, improve your return on investment, and encourage more people to start viewing them. Making ensuring your audience can easily access your excellent material is quite straightforward, whether you do it yourself before exporting, hiring a service, or utilizing an auto-transcription program. Better choose Parikh Info Solutions Pvt ltd.


How can you Translate Subtitles in a Professional way

In recent years, it’s safe to say that video has become one of the most widely used types of web material. Video can captivate viewers and convey ideas visually more effectively than written words, making it a useful tool for both consumers and businesses. Particularly, if you’re producing professional corporate videos for multilingual advertising campaigns or internal training videos that require subtitles in another language. Subtitles translation is quite difficult but if you choose a good service provider 90% of the work is done. Using a translator service provider, users can upload transcribed text for videos and translate it into a different language before embedding it in the final uploaded movie. When you want all language movies download to be available, you can also employ an automatic subtitle translator

How to online translate and edit subtitles 

Apps for subtitle translation and editing are available. The best translator is Parikh Info solutions Pvt ltd. The following stages are found when learning how to convert a subtitle language:

  • Use Parikh Info solutions Pvt ltd. service for translating subtitles to upload your file. Some programs also let users input audio or video first so that an automatic transcription can create a file with subtitles.
  • Choose the translation language and the source language of the subtitles.
  • Option to translate.
  • Depending on the size of the file and the tool being used, the translation process will continue.
  • If any changes need to be made, you can edit the file manually. There are choices for text styling in Parikh Info solutions Pvt ltd..

Factors to look upon while selecting the service provider 

Check for support for subtitle file compatibility

It will boost your workflow to hunt for expert translation software that is compatible with subtitle files if you want to translate subtitles for professional videos as quickly and effectively as possible. You can put your subtitle file into translation software that is compatible with it in its current state. This decreases the amount of work required to translate the subtitles for professional videos.

Keep an eye out for automatic file formatting capabilities

Possibly one of the greatest methods for translating subtitles for expert videos is to employ automatic formatting translation software. By doing this, Parikh Info solutions Pvt ltd. will produce a translated file for you that has the same formatting as the original.

As a result, you won’t need to reformat your subtitle file after the software has finished translating it, saving you time, especially if your films are lengthy. Subtitle translation should be as simple as uploading, modifying, and downloading a file if you pick the correct software for the job.

Why Parikh Info Solutions pvt ltd.

The fact that Parikh Info Solutions Pvt Ltd., one if the best subtitling companies that encrypt your .sub or. srt file when you upload it for translation is one of the reasons it is the ideal option to translate subtitles for videos. This will preserve as much of the formatting as possible while maintaining the cue points for your subtitles. The fact that your content is always protected makes it the perfect tool for translating subtitles. Your files and data are encrypted using the most advanced security technology with paraphrase. We never share, index, or publish your data, either. It remains completely private.


Benefits Of Choosing Professional Subtitling Services

People are now very fond of watching movies and web series. The movies and series are released in different languages. Some of the films and serials are released in the local language. Thus to understand these films and serials people need subtitles. The subtitles help people to understand the voice of the actors and actresses in their native language. Nowadays, all the movies are released with subtitles so that people face no difficulty in understanding the story. Thus subtitles are no less than a blessing to the people who love watching web series and serials.

There are several companies that offer multi-media subtitling services at reasonable rates. People can also find these services online with the help of the internet. The subtitles can be used in video songs, movies, advertisements, and other video multimedia content. It is necessary to choose the right subtitle services partner that looks after the interests of the multimedia content director. They must choose the subtitling services that are secure and provide services at affordable rates. People now have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking a subtitling services partner.

It is necessary that the subtitles are correctly positioned and match the theme of the video. The size of the subtitles must be chosen properly so that it fits the screen. The subtitles should also be available in different languages so that the viewers could choose the language they are comfortable understanding. These are some of the points that the subtitling companies must fulfill to become the first choice. The subtitling companies generally consist of a number of people who perform as a team to give the best results. The team looks after the entire subtitling process and removes any flaws that may be present.

Advantages of choosing a professional subtitling service: There are numerous advantages of choosing the right subtitling services. The subtitling services enable more and more people to understand the language of the multimedia content. This way the target audience can be increased significantly. The cost of the subtitling services is also not very high. The best part of choosing subtitling services is that the subtitles are available in different languages. This way they can connect to a significant population of people without any difficulty. Thus it is very beneficial to choose subtitles to watch any video content.

The people who work at the subtitling company are highly experienced and know different languages. The reason why subtitling companies choose experienced professionals is that they want perfection when it comes to adding subtitles to multimedia content. The idea of adding subtitles to video content came in order to attract a larger audience. More the audience, the greater the benefit. This is the reason why now almost all the video content contains subtitles. Companies must choose the subtitling services that suit their budget and are accessible easily. Generally, people prefer to watch video content with English subtitles as most people understand the language nowadays. The subtitles help to understand the plot of the movie easily and thus make it more attractive for the audience.

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