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In a world full of software-generated inaccurate texts, we are here to lessen your burden by offering the best transcription services for your audio and video files & transcribing them into written texts with utmost professionalism and 99% accuracy level. We take up full human transcription as well as QC of auto-generated transcriptions by our experienced transcribers as per your requirement, budget, content type, audio quality, and urgency.

Transform Your Multimedia to Definitive Text

Our team of professional transcribers ensures that the quality and essence of your files are retained. You can expect unparalleled, authentic texts; translated into a multitude of languages for widespread use. Be it any language, our experts offering transcription solutions pen down every sound, every word with precision.

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Benefits of Our Transcription Services

Human Transcriptionists - Key Benefits

Human Transcribers

Our professional transcribers practice an efficient way of transcribing your speech to text and make sure that everything is captured correctly. Human transcribers add a personal touch to your transcription.
Verbatim Transcription - Key Benefits

Verbatim Transcription

Dialects, accents, and all subtle sounds are analyzed. Every minute detail, every sigh, grin, exclamation, every expression is mentioned to give you a high-quality transcription text.
Availability of choices - Key Benefits

Availability of Choices

Every individual has their own sets of preferences and choices. People have different preferences like written texts, audio, videos, etc. Having your digital data transcribed in text opens a broad range of audiences who prefer reading instead of videos.
Market Research - Key Benefits

Market Research

Transcription is very important in various major industries like medical, law firms, corporate sectors, mass media communication, etc. Our team studies your industry thoroughly and their position in the market to provide you with accurate transcription solutions.
Accessibilty at all stages - Key Benefits

Accessibility at all stages

Our team has made it possible for the users to access the documents as required. We make sure to use the correct language essence for individualized exposure. The text file undergoes various inspections and quality-check tests, to point out any blemish.
Wealth of all languages - Key Benefits

Wealth of Languages

We offer human-based professional transcription services in all major Indian, Asian, and European languages comprising of local as well as global dialects. Without confining to a specific business sector, we offer legal transcription services along with professional transcription solutions for other languages.

Get Your Transcription Done in 4 Easy Steps

With skilled and proficient transcribers, you can expect a comprehensive breakdown of the entire audio/video file into a cognitive language.


Analyze Source Audio Files & Instructions


Transcription (Human or MT+Human) with/without time coding


Proofreading / QA


Finalize Transcription as per client specifications

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