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Be it script translation, voice-over, cultural specifics or directing, dialogue recording and post-production, we cover everything. All your dubbing needs are fulfilled, under a single umbrella. Give your platforms a conviction of trust and sincerity, with our excellent services.

Adapt to the local culture

We entertain all major languages across the globe!

Dubbing is a part of the post-production process that involves the synchronization of the new sound over the original sound dialogue to make it accessible for local audiences.

Being an important part of the video that has a significant impact on the audience, it becomes crucial to dub the voice in a professional manner.

While some audiences prefer other solutions like subtitles, closed captions, etc , the majority of the audience prefer dubbing.

By providing best dubbing services in USA, Parikh Info Solutions already stands strong in the industry. With expertise in a number of languages, nationally & internationally, Parikh Info Solutions levels up the game of best dubbing services in USA as well as other countries.

Dubbing Service

Adapt To The Local Culture

We entertain all major languages across the globe!

We deliver the best dubbing services in USA. We make sure the dubbing artist suits the original speaker. Whether it may be the age, gender, tone, pitch, and depth of voice; all such criteria undergo strict inspection. At most competitive rates, our veteran dubbing artists never fail to convey emotion-filled dialogues.

We cover global languages to offer video dubbing services in all major Indian languages, Asian languages, European languages, and African languages. Without confining to only mainstream languages, we also offer our services in local languages that can encourage businesses in remote local areas.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Top Brands

Ingage uses our voiceo ver services
Spaceedge Creation uses our voice over services
Twilight Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Our Professional Dubbing Services Provide

Choose the best dubbing artists, with the right accent and dialects.

Animation Dubbing Image

Animation and Children's Cartoons​

Our team of expert dubbing artists with years of experience under their belt know how to pull out the best-dubbed voiceovers and audios for our clients. As an advantage to leverage over competitors, these video dubbing services in USA not only compliments entertainment videos but commercial campaigns and ad videos as well.

TV Series Dubbing Image

TV Series and Reality Shows

Our team’s dedication and the efforts of our dedicated project managers bring the best results for your audience. Having a favorite tv series or reality show to watch in native language always gives an edge, and with dubbing services, at Parikh Info Solutions, we make mass reach possible for your content.

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With a strong team that fits all the requirements & specifications be it gender, age, voice, tone, style, etc. with finesses and expertise in native languages, as professional dubbing services providers we make it accessible.

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Documentary Dubbing

Having years of experience as voice actors & dub artists that result in perfect lip synchronization, action & style, at Parikh Info Solutions, we make documentary dubbing an easy chase for you.

TV Series and Reality Shows

Theatrical Dubbing

Keeping it straight & quality oriented, our team also works efficiently to deliver the best dubbed audios for theatricals to recreate a whole film experience.

Software Localization

All-Round Dubbing Services

As a leading professional dubbing services provider, our services are not confined to any specific service but we cover everything that falls under this umbrella.

Why Choose Parikh Info Solutions?

Give Your Viewers A Better Experience with us

Quick Interpretation

Quality Oriented

At Parikh Info Solutions, we offer high-quality professional dubbing services in USA as well all other countries across industries like Entertainment- movies, TV-series, animation, and documentaries, eLearning, Corporate, Gaming, Advertising, and many more.

Network Services

Hassle-Free Process

Parikh Info Solutions commits to serve you a hassle-free single point of contact for professional dubbing services in many national, local & international languages while maintaining a good dubbing studio quality.

Alerts for Cultural Sensitivity


Our highly qualified and experienced team of native linguists, project managers, voice over artists, and dubbing artists are committed to delivering high-quality video dubbing services at cost effective & pocket friendly rates while preserving the authenticity & retaining the tone of the content.

Have a Look at Our Video Dubbing Services Process

We have brilliant recording facilities, complete with an arsenal of equipment. Several pro tools and Software are employed for high quality. Professional recording studios with proficient direction and original voice actors to complete the job and provide top-notch video dubbing services.


Script Adaptation

Source script is adapted by experienced native translators capturing every sentiment and notion of the theme.


Choosing Artists

A pool of talented, professional dubbing artists is made available to the client to make a choice according to their requirements.


Assigning Artists

The client selects artists as per the requirements. We ensure that age, sex, and the sound of the speaker are in parallel to the role required.



We make use of professionally monitored studios for precise and quality recording of your files.


Editing & Mixing

Videos are edited and mixed with M&E and dubbed audio tracks leaving no discrepancies at all.


Quality Control

Any unwanted background sounds are removed, to ensure a clear sound-track. Superior quality dubbing with perfect lip sync is presented to the clients.

Give Your Viewers A Better Experience

Lip Syncing
Clear Sound-Track

Natural Accents

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, every project is undertaken by a dedicated project manager who takes care of the project from start to finish. All the communications are managed by them and you can get in touch with the project manager with respect to any concern or query.

Yes, a minimum fee of USD 15 for small dubbing jobs.

The delivery period depends upon the project volume, number of languages, type of service required etc. However, the minimum turnaround time for small jobs is 24 hours.

For new clients, we accept 50% advance and the rest within 1 week of submission. For clients working with us on a regular basis, we operate with a 30 days net payment cycle.

We accept payment by PayPal, Payoneer and Bank wire transfer.

Services like subtitling, translating, & voice over would fit well with dubbing. Depending upon the business model, industry & market or the type of content you can avail of any other services to boost your reach.

You can inform the project manager assigned to stop/cancel the project anytime. However, we will bill for the completed part of the project.

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