Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI)

Our remote interpretation specialists are here to facilitate online video interpretation or phone interpretation over multiple languages in real-time. Take your online communication to the next level with our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services.

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Our interpreters operate in an interruption-free environment with a professional background. We are committed to maximizing the quality of your communication experience through a zero disturbance policy.

Types of Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation

A smooth flow of the presentation is maintained by our qualified interpreters. They simultaneously translate the words and thoughts of the speaker while he is speaking, maintaining the language essence. Thus, the audience is kept focused and engaged through real-time interpretation.
Consecutive Interpretation Service

Consecutive Interpretation

Our professional interpreters are active listeners who accurately pay attention to your speeches and take notes. With proper analysis, the speech is then translated and presented to a wider audience. Their sharp memory and attentiveness help them communicate better with the audience.

Benefits of Working With Us

The Video Remote Interpreting offered at our company brings you several benefits to facilitate the way you communicate.
Quick Interpretation Services

Quick Interpretation

Expert interpreters are trained to translate and interpret messages at high speeds. There is little or no delay during meetings, seminars, and discussions. We provide you with instant communication across many regional and international languages.
Network Services

Steady Network Connectivity

Our interpreters have a high-speed internet connection and high-quality web cameras minimize any issues arising out of bad internet. We are committed to providing you with a communication experience unhindered by technical problems.
Alerts for Cultural Sensitivity

Alerts for Cultural Sensitivity

With every language comes a different culture, and different interpretations of common phrases and gestures. Expert interpreters keep an eye out for these cultural differences to aid communication. Varied interpretations of simple words do not hinder your business operations.

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